Monday, October 3, 2016

Cee-ment mixers

sometimes I lay under the moon,
and Thank God I'm breathing!
And then I pray, "don't take me soon,"
Cuz I am here for a reason!

This week was one for the books! 

man, where do I start.
with the title I guess!

This week the group leader took us around to meet some inactive members. We met like 15 new people, and it some of them are postive to return to church!

One of those families is the Duarte family. a family of 7 from Honduras that lives in Mayamopan. We met them Wednesday, and Thursday we went to do some service with them. they were finishing a room in their house, and They had us mix cement and put it on the walls! At first I had no idea how to do it but they taught me and it was super fun! we worked there for about 2 hours and got COVERED in cement! it washed out of my clothes though.

On Saturday, in Salvapan, we were walking down the street when we saw 4 ladies, a mom, two of her VERY pregnant daughters, and another daughter, mixing and moving cement. We hopped in and started to help them, there weren't any other men in the house to help. They told us that their prayers had been answered, and that they knew God does miracles. They are strong members in another church, but I was just glad to be able to serve them. Maybe in the future they will be prepared for the restored Gospel!
So now I am experienced in cement working, just in case you needed to know.

Another miracle this week was the Rash family. I don't think I have ever taught someone more prepared to hear the Restored Gospel! they are progressing like CRAZY, and they came to conference on Sunday to both sessions!(#ldsconf)

but the biggest miracle with them happened thursday night. We were teaching lesson 2, talking about Adam and Eve, when all of a sudden, I asked them a question, and it just clicked! the spirit fillied the room, and they were understanding everything. It just made so much sense to them, and when we taught the rest of the Plan of Salvation they were just like, wow. they loved it SO much, and you could tell that it rung true for them! Last Sunday I had taught a lesson on the Atonement in Gospel principles that Brother Rash loved, and I think when we taught the rest of the plan it became so clear to all of them WHY we needed a Savior, and WHERE the Savior can take us!

I am grateful for the Restoration of the Plan of Happiness in the Book of Mormon through the Prophet Joseph Smith. 

THAT is why the gospel was restored.

So we can Understand WHY!

And no WHAT we need to do! And have the Priesthood so we can do it!

I was so glad that they understood all of that!

so anyways, on Friday the whole Rash family came to Sports night, and then on Saturday they were going to come to the afternoon and priesthood sessions, but Brother Rash had some problems in his work and had to stay all day. Sunday he woke up at 5:30 so they could make it on time to the first session! he told us that they have cut off all ties with the other church, and that they are all in.

Thanks for your prayers

General Conference was the BOMB. I especially liked Elder Oak's, Holland's, and Bednar's talks, as well as pretty much ALL of the others!

The church is True! 

I love you so SO much

Have the greatest of weeks

Elder McFarland

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