Monday, October 10, 2016


I'm having a killer time

like in a good way

I'll be honest, sometimes I don't know what to say in these weekly emails anymore, BUT, this week was pretty eventful so let me fill you in!

This week President Adams was in the country, so for once in like 3 months we got to see our mission president! haha, Belize :)

Tuesday we had a Multizone Conference with President and all the missionaries here in Belize. President talked about Obedience and the Book of Mormon. It's always great to hear from the guy who receives revelation for us as missionaries, and It was good to see my mission buddies and hear how everything is going.

Then Thursday was interviews with President. I always love interviews, getting to learn and grow and talk to my mission President. That day we were in the Church pretty much all day because after interviews my companion and I had a meeting with the Zone Leaders, APs, The Belmopan Senior Couple, and President and Sister Adams to talk about the Mayamopan group. We proposed to President that within the next few months, that the group become a branch, so that the work can continue to grow and hasten. We made a cool little information sheet with all the data and members and priesthood holders, etc. so if all goes well and the members go to work, by the end of the year hopefully they will #makethegroupabranch.

Friday we had a huge family Night at the Branch building(combined activity with the group and branch) with President Adams, and the Rash family came.

The Rash Family.

They are doing so GOOD. We had several solid lessons with them this week, including one really good one when my comp went on splits with Elder Studebaker(the senior missionary) and his wife to go an visit the family while I went with the group leader to a couple other appointments we had that night. The Studebakers did great and the Rash family loved them!

So the Rash came on Friday to the Family Night. Saturday for Sports night. Sunday in the morning the came to church and they even told President Adams at the family night without us saying anything that they were going to get baptized on the 22nd. 

Pretty much they are on Spiritual Fire. 

Please continue to pray for them that they can have a solid transition into the group, and that we can help the branch accommodate now that we have an increasing number of both Spanish and English speakers that are coming to the church!

I know that God lives, and that He loves me. 

I like being a missionary.

have the greatest of weeks!

Elder McFarland

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