Monday, May 29, 2017

That Which Is to Come

Welcome to El Porvenir, Cuscatancingo!

I am here finishing the training of Elder Robles, his first trainer just finished the mission and now he will finish me off too!

Elder Robles was born in Puerto Rico, and at age 15 he moved to Florida. So pretty much he is an American that speaks perfect Spanish. He is 26 years old, a convert to the church, and he has a very strong testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel!

I think that God is just too good. He decided to bless me with a great companion and a great area for my last 6 weeks!

I also think that God wants me to lose weight! haha the entire area is like this🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🗻🗻

Lots of super steep hills, and lots of ups and downs and ups and downs, etc.

The ward is a super energetic ward. every day from Tuesday to Saturday people are in the church, in seminary playing soccer, etc. Its super fun!

We have been looking for new people to teach. There was a kid that just got baptized last week, but now that he is a member we don't really have any investigators... So this week we have knocked a lot of doors, and God has been really good to us, opening doors and guiding us. We found a 14 year old kid named Isaac that came to church yesterday and stayed for the whole thing! We are hoping to teach his mother as well, the two of them live alone and I think for Isaac to have success in the church she is going to have to come too!
I have extreme desires to find and teach a family. This ward needs it. Animos are kinda low, and now more than ever this ward needs to come together and get the blessings of the Restored Gospel.

In short, we have a LOT of work to do, and I am PUMPED. STOKED. ENTHUSED. and probably about 500 more synonyms to work this change. 

I have felt the blessings of the Spirit this week very strongly, and can notice at least 3 different reasons why

1. Reading and focusing on the Book of Mormon. 
2. Charity and Obedience
3. Focusing on the Joy of Repentance

People have been responding really well and I am super excited. This is going to be a great change!

I love you all,

and I invite you to read the Book of Mormon :)

Have the greatest of weeks!

Elder McFarland

May 29th Photos

"La Cordinacion" Missionary Coordination Meeting with all five Miramonte missionaries, and Brother Joaquin, the Ward Mission Leader :)

The Majano Family,
 Veronica (Left-Member), Lorena( Right-Investigator, Wife of Kevin) and
Kevin (Not in picture, also a Member, Veronica's Brother)

Rodrigo-Elders Quorum President, Miramonte Ward

President Montano(Former Branch President of Zaragoza)
And his Family moved into Miramonte on the last Sunday I was there!

Cantarero Family
Miramonte Ward

Miguel Fuentes
Future Missionary, Miramonte Ward

Absalom(Javier) Menjivar
Returned Missionary, great friend
Miramonte Ward

Sister Lopez(Miguel Fuentes' Mother)
Miramonte Ward

Fernando Ramirez!
Awesome Deacon from Miramonte!

Saying goodbye to the Maldonados :(

Siliezar Family
They gave all 5 of us dinner every Sunday Night!

"Next time I come here it will be for the final dinner and testimonies!"
Last new missionary dinner at President's house while I was in the office.

Elders Merril and Tupou
Wish I could be in their place, starting the mission all over again!

Kinda a struggle to get this selfie, but all of us at the new's dinner!

Saying Goodbye to the Money Cave and E. Wright

Last time leaving the office!

Elders Mitchel and Gonzales, on their way home!

What a great companion! Elder Smith is going home! It's been one year since we were comps in Santa Elena, Belize!

Elder Johnson, on his way home!

Elder Robles(Middle) with his Father(Elder Taracena, Right)
 and Step Father(Me, Left;)

Elder Burris, on his way home!

Elder Ostler, what a great friend!

Elder Fernandez, a super cool Missionary from the Dominican Republic who I received when I was in the office, already had 6 months in the mission!

The new district(plus a few others) in our first district meeting in Layco Zone
from right to left:
Me+E. Robles(El Porvenir), H. Antillon+H. Zelaya(Atlacatl), E Cazares(Cuscatancingo), E. Quispe(Barbarena), H. Garcia+H. Ballesteros(Layco), Elder Sweat(Cuscatancingo), and E. Richardson(laying on table-Barbarena)

New Companion!!! Elder Robles

New House-Bedroom

Travel Plans Home

Dear Parents of Elder McFarland,

I am writing you to inform you that on Thursday, Jul 6, your SonElder David Oscar McFarland will be returning home from serving a full-time mission. Attached below is your Son´s flight itinerary for his return flight home. I will also be notifying his stake president so that together, you can coordinate the best time for the Elder McFarland to be released from his calling as a full-time missionary. Feel free to write me back or call me at the number listed below with any questions.

Thank you.

Elder Gómez
Secretario de Migración
Misión El Salvador, San Salvador Oeste/Belice
La Iglesia De Jesucristo De Los Santos De Los Ultimos Dias
LOGO-Mision El Salvador San Salvador Oeste Belice1

Friday, May 19, 2017

As the end of my time here in the office draws near, I need to let everyone and their dog know just how grateful I am for President Adams being intune witht the Spirit and sending me here. I know that I have been sent here for a reason and that I NEEDED to come to Miramonte 1(that's the office;)

I've learned so many life skills here in the office, It's INSANE. I feel fulfilled as a missionary, and I know that God has been alongside me the whole time. I'm excited for a new adventure in a new area, and for the opportunity I have to preach the gospel!

Yesterday the Maldonado Family had their Temple Recommend Interviews, and they passed! They are very excited to go and start doing work for their ancestors! They might go this Saturday, but if not they will be going very VERY soon :)

We've found a couple of new families again this week. I am very jealous of Elders Jenks and Wright because they are going to have SO much succes this next change. They are great missionaries and they are going to have a blast just preaching the gospel and giving out joy.

This week we went on a "Joy Rampage" as Elder Wright puts it. Because preaching repentance is just the most joyful experience, we decided that we would only say joyful things. Looking on the brightside, as it were, makes everything full of light

I love being a missionary!

I don't know what else to say. This has been a great/sad week, with lots of goodbyes and lots of me not wanting to face the reality of it all. This ward has been SO good to me, and I love the people here in a way that I simply cannot express to them. I'm getting better at it, but I've still got a lot to go...

I know I will have a LOT to say in 10 days when I have P-day agian, and lots of photos from this area and the next(I left my camera at a member's house, so I can't send any of the ones that I have right now)

I promise an extra super big email next time!

I know that God lives, and that He loves us. He has a perfect plan, and we are all part of it :)

What a blessing :)

Have the greatest of weeks!

Elder McFarland

Friday, May 12, 2017

Nuther Great week!

Can't believe that its Friday Again. 

First off want to wish a happy early mothers day to every mother everywhere, but especially to my angel mother :)

Next off a brief explanation of daily highlights from the week

Monday: Meeting with President, Lots of office work, not much time in the area :(
Tuesday: Multizone Conference. Super great! Talked about faith and Repentance! So great!
Wednesday: LOTS of time in the area. Found 2 new people to teach!
Thursday: Miracles. Pretty much blessings falling from the sky :)

To explain Thursday a lee bit more, first we had an amazing lesson with a new investigator from last week: Idalia Rivera, who came to church with her friend. Yesterday we shared LOTS of Book of Mormon scriptures, and she accepted a baptismal date!

The miracles didn't stop there, as new people literally started popping up in our path and we talked with LOTS of people. At the very end of the night, a young family walked up to us, and wanted to meet with us. Turns out, he's a member, who has been inactive ever since he moved here a few months ago, and she is an investigator who has been meeting missionaries for a while! they shared with us their desire to one day enter in the temple, and the sister expressed her desire to be baptized! Today we are going back with some ward members to get them involved really quick!

Last off, maybe a bit of reflecting!

God is good. 

i have been learning a lot lately from the Book of Mormon, President Adams, and most of all the Spirit. It's hard to explain(which only shows I have a lot more to learn!) but pretty much I've been reflecting a lot about Alma 42, and how great the Mercy, Love, and Justice of our God! I stand amazed at how perfect His plan is, and I keep learning things that I never had thought of before. I think God is trying to teach me to see things from His point of view(although I have a LONG way to go) but I'm trying to understand God's timing. 

In Jacob 5 when it talks about the last pruning before the end, it really show God's love and care about the Restoration of the Gospel, and it teaches the timing of it all. I'll let you all look it up for now until I understand it enough to explain it :) haha sorry

So maybe I didn't do very good at reflecting today, but don't doubt that I love you all and that I am always praying for you!

Hope you have an amazing week!

Take care!

Elder McFarland


Tomorrow is going to be a great day.

The ward has been supporting us very much with the baptism of the Maldonado family, and it is looking like everything is going to run perfectly! Thank you all for the many prayers that you send down our way! God is good. There is no other way to explain it. He is great.

This was a really good week.  Thursday we ran our little 2 kilometer loop in 8:18, and although it nearly kills me, we keep on improving every day! I also have made a goal this week to go off of Soda. I hope that can help my health to keep improving so that I can run and not be weary! 

Ward conference last week was a real success! we saw people come to church that I have been working with here for more than 6 months, and in one weekend we got them to come to church! Want to know the secret? it's actually not a secret. 

Member Visits.

Saturday night all the ward leaders and the Stake leaders got together, we divided up into groups, and we went out to go visit a list of about 40 people. Many of them came to church the next day, many for the first time in months or even years. Coincidence? I know not. 

Pretty much every day has been a countdown to the baptism tomorrow, with a certain task each day that helps us get closer and closer! and as we go we have also tried to find new investigators and to keep visiting less actives and all work like normal!

pretty much an amazing week! 

But I need to go, I wish I could tell you more! 

but a quick day to day rundown

Saturday-Visits with Members
Sunday Ward Conference. 120 people at church. 5 investigators!
Monday Meeting with President, lots of office work! great visit with Lopez family!
tuesday Super great lesson with Maldonados! correlation to plan baptimsal service
Wednesday CLM(mission leaders conferece) and me translating for sister Adams in some interviews. Interchanges with E. Eggers and E. Wright
Thursday Looking for Baptismal clothes, finding a couple great new people
Friday Dennys and a sick lesson with the Lopez family tonight!

Hope you all have the greatest of weeks!

Love you!

Elder McFarland

Friday, May 5, 2017

Where Justice, Love, and Mercy meet :)

This was such a great week. 


Saturday went really well. We had an amazing member turnout, and the Spirit was strong. We had the agenda all set up, and dispite a few last minute problems with a speaker for the baptism, everything turned out perfectly!

Claudia shared her testimony after the ordinance, she is so happy! Stefany(the member daughter) stood up to bear her testimony as well, but she was overcome with emotion and the tears started flowing. Unable to contain herself, her mother gave her a big hug. I think she said enough. 

I am always humbled by the greatness of God. I am fully aware that I did realtively nothing when you think of how many missionaries visited that house, how many prayers were said, how many lessons were taught. Indeed, "I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God." The Gospel truly brings happiness and joy in a way that nothing else can. Although it is not an easy road, it is the greatest road that we as children of God can take. I have learned much from the Maldonado family, and I am grateful to my God that I was permitted to be present on this miraculous day. 

This week went fast. Elder Wright and Elder Jenks keep me running around, sharing the Gospel with all those we can see. I'll admit, I often feel like the old tired man that is trying to keep up with these two Elders. They are amazing. But I?.. But I, Sometimes I get tired and, hoot dar'n, sometimes I even get discouraged. 

Wednesday night, for some reason,  "notwithstanding the great goodness of the Lord, in showing me his great and marvelous works, my heart (was exclaming): O wretched man that I am!" And I felt tired and just... weird. Elder Wright noticed, and asked me a few questions, and then just got silent and thoughtful. That night in companionship prayer he prayed for "animos" which I thought was strange, but I didn't think too much about it. The next morning, he just started saying a bunch of things like: " how lucky we are to be missionaries." and "I am so excited to go out and bless people's lives today!"  Made me feel amazing. I started to say those same type of phrases, and in little to no time I was out of my funk.  

If I've said it one time, I've said it a million times:


Yesterday we were so pumped, that on the bus to the area, which was SO full of people. We stood up in front and proclaimed the Gospel with the voice of a trump. It was exhilirating!

Anyways, this was a great week! 

Hope you have an even better one!
In Fact,

Have the greatest of weeks,

Love you lots

Elder McFarland

May 5th Photos Baptism