Friday, October 28, 2016

10/28/17 Photos


Two P-day´s in a week?


so pretty much I told you a lot already about what happened last week, but in the couple of days since Monday lots of stuff has happened. So Monday I said goodbye to the Rash and to Belmopan. Bright and early Tuesday morning we got on a bus headed for Belize City and never looked back. At the chapel there they told me I was going to the office for sure. I was like, cool. It was very great to see so many good friends again for maybe the last time in a while. I got to see Elders Sweat, Smith, Ostler, Austin, Burrell, Richards, Gee, and so much more and said peace out! Then we went and got on the shortest international flight ever, and we were back!

Tuesday night they had me go and stay with an old secretary who was in the hospital for a night because he had been feeling very sick. It was fun, I guess, and they released him the next day in time for changes. 

Changes, So Wednesday morning I didn´t get to be at the changes meeting because I was with the sick Elder, so I didn´t get to see any of my old friends, but at about 12 we went back to the office and I started to learn!

Yesterday was the first full morning in the office. We did some fun financial secretary stuff, and then peaced out and went to our area. We have a good, solid, strong ward and I am excited to work here!

and now today, pday, so that´s fun!

The best part of this change is the people I am with. Elders Maxwell and Hallman are my companions, and Elder Maxwell is the one training me in the office. For those of you who remember, Elder Maxwell was my first companion way back when in the MTC! Elder Hallman was in my first zone for 3 changes, and so they are some of my REALLY good friends! and you want to know what else? On of the other two secretaries that live with us is none other than Elder Mayen! for those of you who don´t remember, Elder Mayen is my son! I was with him for 3 whole changes and I love him to death! The other Secretary is Elder Quintanilla, who happens to be Elder Sweat´s son and a cool missionary!

So there you have it. Elder McFarland is an office Elder, and he is having a good time! this should be a good change! (or more rightly put, 5 changes!)

 I love you all so much!

Have the greatest of weeks,
Happy Friday

Elder McFarland

Monday, October 24, 2016

We did a good thing, didn't we.

Yeah Elder Rojas, we did. 

Pretty much I'm too lazy to talk about anything more than the Rash family, because they are the best part of my life right now. 

So I'll just cut to the chase. 

The Rash family is probably the most ideal converts in the world!

Before their baptism we literally taught EVERYTHING with so much time that they understood it all. they were anxiously waiting for the 22nd to come around. 

In the District we had 7 baptisms. So in district meeting we planned the service SUPER well. We were calling members and making arrangements just so that everything could work out!

Here's how it went. 

The day of the baptism a bunch of the branch leaders, and Elder Studebake(senior couple) had a meeting with Elder Oaks, so we did the baptism at 7 in the evening so everyone could be there. at 6 o clock we went and brought the Rash family to the church building. Elders Ostler and Eggers did us the favor of ironing everything and bringing it to the chapel, so when the Rash showed up, we had them change into their clothes and we all took pictures.

at 7 o clock we started(starting on time is a huge win in central america)  we sang I like to look for rainbows as the first hymn(words on the projector) and then the Studebakers gave some talks. we did a special musical number with the 8 missionaries and sang Families can be together forever. then it was time for the baptisms. 

Axel and Tomas(two other investigators from the sisters) went first and I baptized them in spanish. Then I stayed in the water and Anselmo was the first of the Rash to get baptized. When i started the baptismal prayer everyone was like, woah! because I started to say it in Q'eqchi. I'd like to say it was pure gift of tongues but we had it all planned before. then I said the prayer again in English so that the witnesses could make sure it was a'ight, and Anselmo was baptized! Sister Rash went next, and then Elder Rojas baptized Francisco, Jason, and Giovanny in the same way. Everyone like our q'eqchi, so that's cool!

after everyone changed, The Studebakers did a special musical number, and then it was time for the testimonies. 

The whole Rash family bore their testimonies and the spirit was PALPABLE. all their testimonies were special, but Sister Rash's was especially amazing. She said she was nervous, and so she was going to read her testimony, she had it all written out. She started to cry and said " I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for guiding me to the true church." she said she was grateful her family and especially her boys were learning and growing and in the right path! After the baptism I talked with her, and she was just beaming and said " I'm. So. Happy!" Each and every one of the Rash's testimonies were likewise touching, and by the end all of them(and many in the audience) were in tears. Then the branch leaders gave them a  big welcome to the branch, and we finished with a prayer and had refreshments.

It was probably the best baptismal service I've been to ever.

Sunday they were confirmed.( I got to confirm Anselmo and Giovanny!)  

Yesterday as a parting gift I gave them all ties, and Sister Rash said they are going to go and buy some white shirts and slacks because next week Francisco, Anselmo, and Jason are getting the priesthood!

The hardest part will be saying goodbye to them tonight becuase, plot twist, I'm going back to el salvs.

I am grateful to My God for the chance that he gave me just to be here and meet the Rash family.

So yeah, Elder Rojas.

We did a good thing :)

Elder McFarland

Monday, October 17, 2016

No Subject??

Yo listen up! here's a story
about a missionary who lived in Belmopan
and all day and all night and everything he sees is just 
cool, like him
inside and outside!
cool his house,
 with its cold air and bunkbeds
and its hot water
to everybody around, 
but he's just trying
to find who'll listen
who'll listen
who'll listen....(to the gospel)

*music starts*

this week it rained a lot.
but only for like 20 minutes at a time
we didn't actually get that wet when we had our umbrellas. 

so where do I start. 

The Rash family! they are so solid! We have taught everything, they are excited, they come to church without us even having to call them in the mornings, the whole branch is excited and is coming to their baptism.!!!!!!!! Here's a shoutout to each individual in their family.

Francisco Rash is the head of the family. He does a good job and presiding and providing in the family. He works at the US embassy doing air conditioning units!

Carolina Rash is soft spoken, and SO short! She has a strong faith, and she worries a lot for her three boys! she makes us really good food all the time!

Anselmo is 19, he's actually older than me. He's quiet, but he's smart. He's not really shy, just quiet! He is very level headed and knows what he wants in life!

Jason Rash has changed a lot. He's 17, and He used to be the rebellious kid, but ever since he learned the plan of salvation there has been a new light in his eyes. it's like looking at a new kid!

Giovanny is 10, and he reminds me a lot of Adam! he is super sweet and loves to play soccer and has a lot of pokemon cards and marbles!

all of them love coming to church and all of them read the scriptures and pray!

I'm super happy for them!

but I underestimated my time for today, so I am out of time:(

Pictures of the Rash family baptism coming next week!

Love you all to death!

Eldre McFarland

Monday, October 10, 2016


I'm having a killer time

like in a good way

I'll be honest, sometimes I don't know what to say in these weekly emails anymore, BUT, this week was pretty eventful so let me fill you in!

This week President Adams was in the country, so for once in like 3 months we got to see our mission president! haha, Belize :)

Tuesday we had a Multizone Conference with President and all the missionaries here in Belize. President talked about Obedience and the Book of Mormon. It's always great to hear from the guy who receives revelation for us as missionaries, and It was good to see my mission buddies and hear how everything is going.

Then Thursday was interviews with President. I always love interviews, getting to learn and grow and talk to my mission President. That day we were in the Church pretty much all day because after interviews my companion and I had a meeting with the Zone Leaders, APs, The Belmopan Senior Couple, and President and Sister Adams to talk about the Mayamopan group. We proposed to President that within the next few months, that the group become a branch, so that the work can continue to grow and hasten. We made a cool little information sheet with all the data and members and priesthood holders, etc. so if all goes well and the members go to work, by the end of the year hopefully they will #makethegroupabranch.

Friday we had a huge family Night at the Branch building(combined activity with the group and branch) with President Adams, and the Rash family came.

The Rash Family.

They are doing so GOOD. We had several solid lessons with them this week, including one really good one when my comp went on splits with Elder Studebaker(the senior missionary) and his wife to go an visit the family while I went with the group leader to a couple other appointments we had that night. The Studebakers did great and the Rash family loved them!

So the Rash came on Friday to the Family Night. Saturday for Sports night. Sunday in the morning the came to church and they even told President Adams at the family night without us saying anything that they were going to get baptized on the 22nd. 

Pretty much they are on Spiritual Fire. 

Please continue to pray for them that they can have a solid transition into the group, and that we can help the branch accommodate now that we have an increasing number of both Spanish and English speakers that are coming to the church!

I know that God lives, and that He loves me. 

I like being a missionary.

have the greatest of weeks!

Elder McFarland

10/10/16 Photos

10/10/16 Photos

just a pic of me today, with more to come next week, of me before I get a much needed haircut!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Cee-ment mixers

sometimes I lay under the moon,
and Thank God I'm breathing!
And then I pray, "don't take me soon,"
Cuz I am here for a reason!

This week was one for the books! 

man, where do I start.
with the title I guess!

This week the group leader took us around to meet some inactive members. We met like 15 new people, and it some of them are postive to return to church!

One of those families is the Duarte family. a family of 7 from Honduras that lives in Mayamopan. We met them Wednesday, and Thursday we went to do some service with them. they were finishing a room in their house, and They had us mix cement and put it on the walls! At first I had no idea how to do it but they taught me and it was super fun! we worked there for about 2 hours and got COVERED in cement! it washed out of my clothes though.

On Saturday, in Salvapan, we were walking down the street when we saw 4 ladies, a mom, two of her VERY pregnant daughters, and another daughter, mixing and moving cement. We hopped in and started to help them, there weren't any other men in the house to help. They told us that their prayers had been answered, and that they knew God does miracles. They are strong members in another church, but I was just glad to be able to serve them. Maybe in the future they will be prepared for the restored Gospel!
So now I am experienced in cement working, just in case you needed to know.

Another miracle this week was the Rash family. I don't think I have ever taught someone more prepared to hear the Restored Gospel! they are progressing like CRAZY, and they came to conference on Sunday to both sessions!(#ldsconf)

but the biggest miracle with them happened thursday night. We were teaching lesson 2, talking about Adam and Eve, when all of a sudden, I asked them a question, and it just clicked! the spirit fillied the room, and they were understanding everything. It just made so much sense to them, and when we taught the rest of the Plan of Salvation they were just like, wow. they loved it SO much, and you could tell that it rung true for them! Last Sunday I had taught a lesson on the Atonement in Gospel principles that Brother Rash loved, and I think when we taught the rest of the plan it became so clear to all of them WHY we needed a Savior, and WHERE the Savior can take us!

I am grateful for the Restoration of the Plan of Happiness in the Book of Mormon through the Prophet Joseph Smith. 

THAT is why the gospel was restored.

So we can Understand WHY!

And no WHAT we need to do! And have the Priesthood so we can do it!

I was so glad that they understood all of that!

so anyways, on Friday the whole Rash family came to Sports night, and then on Saturday they were going to come to the afternoon and priesthood sessions, but Brother Rash had some problems in his work and had to stay all day. Sunday he woke up at 5:30 so they could make it on time to the first session! he told us that they have cut off all ties with the other church, and that they are all in.

Thanks for your prayers

General Conference was the BOMB. I especially liked Elder Oak's, Holland's, and Bednar's talks, as well as pretty much ALL of the others!

The church is True! 

I love you so SO much

Have the greatest of weeks

Elder McFarland