Monday, October 24, 2016

We did a good thing, didn't we.

Yeah Elder Rojas, we did. 

Pretty much I'm too lazy to talk about anything more than the Rash family, because they are the best part of my life right now. 

So I'll just cut to the chase. 

The Rash family is probably the most ideal converts in the world!

Before their baptism we literally taught EVERYTHING with so much time that they understood it all. they were anxiously waiting for the 22nd to come around. 

In the District we had 7 baptisms. So in district meeting we planned the service SUPER well. We were calling members and making arrangements just so that everything could work out!

Here's how it went. 

The day of the baptism a bunch of the branch leaders, and Elder Studebake(senior couple) had a meeting with Elder Oaks, so we did the baptism at 7 in the evening so everyone could be there. at 6 o clock we went and brought the Rash family to the church building. Elders Ostler and Eggers did us the favor of ironing everything and bringing it to the chapel, so when the Rash showed up, we had them change into their clothes and we all took pictures.

at 7 o clock we started(starting on time is a huge win in central america)  we sang I like to look for rainbows as the first hymn(words on the projector) and then the Studebakers gave some talks. we did a special musical number with the 8 missionaries and sang Families can be together forever. then it was time for the baptisms. 

Axel and Tomas(two other investigators from the sisters) went first and I baptized them in spanish. Then I stayed in the water and Anselmo was the first of the Rash to get baptized. When i started the baptismal prayer everyone was like, woah! because I started to say it in Q'eqchi. I'd like to say it was pure gift of tongues but we had it all planned before. then I said the prayer again in English so that the witnesses could make sure it was a'ight, and Anselmo was baptized! Sister Rash went next, and then Elder Rojas baptized Francisco, Jason, and Giovanny in the same way. Everyone like our q'eqchi, so that's cool!

after everyone changed, The Studebakers did a special musical number, and then it was time for the testimonies. 

The whole Rash family bore their testimonies and the spirit was PALPABLE. all their testimonies were special, but Sister Rash's was especially amazing. She said she was nervous, and so she was going to read her testimony, she had it all written out. She started to cry and said " I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for guiding me to the true church." she said she was grateful her family and especially her boys were learning and growing and in the right path! After the baptism I talked with her, and she was just beaming and said " I'm. So. Happy!" Each and every one of the Rash's testimonies were likewise touching, and by the end all of them(and many in the audience) were in tears. Then the branch leaders gave them a  big welcome to the branch, and we finished with a prayer and had refreshments.

It was probably the best baptismal service I've been to ever.

Sunday they were confirmed.( I got to confirm Anselmo and Giovanny!)  

Yesterday as a parting gift I gave them all ties, and Sister Rash said they are going to go and buy some white shirts and slacks because next week Francisco, Anselmo, and Jason are getting the priesthood!

The hardest part will be saying goodbye to them tonight becuase, plot twist, I'm going back to el salvs.

I am grateful to My God for the chance that he gave me just to be here and meet the Rash family.

So yeah, Elder Rojas.

We did a good thing :)

Elder McFarland

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