Friday, October 28, 2016


Two P-day´s in a week?


so pretty much I told you a lot already about what happened last week, but in the couple of days since Monday lots of stuff has happened. So Monday I said goodbye to the Rash and to Belmopan. Bright and early Tuesday morning we got on a bus headed for Belize City and never looked back. At the chapel there they told me I was going to the office for sure. I was like, cool. It was very great to see so many good friends again for maybe the last time in a while. I got to see Elders Sweat, Smith, Ostler, Austin, Burrell, Richards, Gee, and so much more and said peace out! Then we went and got on the shortest international flight ever, and we were back!

Tuesday night they had me go and stay with an old secretary who was in the hospital for a night because he had been feeling very sick. It was fun, I guess, and they released him the next day in time for changes. 

Changes, So Wednesday morning I didn´t get to be at the changes meeting because I was with the sick Elder, so I didn´t get to see any of my old friends, but at about 12 we went back to the office and I started to learn!

Yesterday was the first full morning in the office. We did some fun financial secretary stuff, and then peaced out and went to our area. We have a good, solid, strong ward and I am excited to work here!

and now today, pday, so that´s fun!

The best part of this change is the people I am with. Elders Maxwell and Hallman are my companions, and Elder Maxwell is the one training me in the office. For those of you who remember, Elder Maxwell was my first companion way back when in the MTC! Elder Hallman was in my first zone for 3 changes, and so they are some of my REALLY good friends! and you want to know what else? On of the other two secretaries that live with us is none other than Elder Mayen! for those of you who don´t remember, Elder Mayen is my son! I was with him for 3 whole changes and I love him to death! The other Secretary is Elder Quintanilla, who happens to be Elder Sweat´s son and a cool missionary!

So there you have it. Elder McFarland is an office Elder, and he is having a good time! this should be a good change! (or more rightly put, 5 changes!)

 I love you all so much!

Have the greatest of weeks,
Happy Friday

Elder McFarland

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