Monday, October 17, 2016

No Subject??

Yo listen up! here's a story
about a missionary who lived in Belmopan
and all day and all night and everything he sees is just 
cool, like him
inside and outside!
cool his house,
 with its cold air and bunkbeds
and its hot water
to everybody around, 
but he's just trying
to find who'll listen
who'll listen
who'll listen....(to the gospel)

*music starts*

this week it rained a lot.
but only for like 20 minutes at a time
we didn't actually get that wet when we had our umbrellas. 

so where do I start. 

The Rash family! they are so solid! We have taught everything, they are excited, they come to church without us even having to call them in the mornings, the whole branch is excited and is coming to their baptism.!!!!!!!! Here's a shoutout to each individual in their family.

Francisco Rash is the head of the family. He does a good job and presiding and providing in the family. He works at the US embassy doing air conditioning units!

Carolina Rash is soft spoken, and SO short! She has a strong faith, and she worries a lot for her three boys! she makes us really good food all the time!

Anselmo is 19, he's actually older than me. He's quiet, but he's smart. He's not really shy, just quiet! He is very level headed and knows what he wants in life!

Jason Rash has changed a lot. He's 17, and He used to be the rebellious kid, but ever since he learned the plan of salvation there has been a new light in his eyes. it's like looking at a new kid!

Giovanny is 10, and he reminds me a lot of Adam! he is super sweet and loves to play soccer and has a lot of pokemon cards and marbles!

all of them love coming to church and all of them read the scriptures and pray!

I'm super happy for them!

but I underestimated my time for today, so I am out of time:(

Pictures of the Rash family baptism coming next week!

Love you all to death!

Eldre McFarland

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