Friday, May 19, 2017

As the end of my time here in the office draws near, I need to let everyone and their dog know just how grateful I am for President Adams being intune witht the Spirit and sending me here. I know that I have been sent here for a reason and that I NEEDED to come to Miramonte 1(that's the office;)

I've learned so many life skills here in the office, It's INSANE. I feel fulfilled as a missionary, and I know that God has been alongside me the whole time. I'm excited for a new adventure in a new area, and for the opportunity I have to preach the gospel!

Yesterday the Maldonado Family had their Temple Recommend Interviews, and they passed! They are very excited to go and start doing work for their ancestors! They might go this Saturday, but if not they will be going very VERY soon :)

We've found a couple of new families again this week. I am very jealous of Elders Jenks and Wright because they are going to have SO much succes this next change. They are great missionaries and they are going to have a blast just preaching the gospel and giving out joy.

This week we went on a "Joy Rampage" as Elder Wright puts it. Because preaching repentance is just the most joyful experience, we decided that we would only say joyful things. Looking on the brightside, as it were, makes everything full of light

I love being a missionary!

I don't know what else to say. This has been a great/sad week, with lots of goodbyes and lots of me not wanting to face the reality of it all. This ward has been SO good to me, and I love the people here in a way that I simply cannot express to them. I'm getting better at it, but I've still got a lot to go...

I know I will have a LOT to say in 10 days when I have P-day agian, and lots of photos from this area and the next(I left my camera at a member's house, so I can't send any of the ones that I have right now)

I promise an extra super big email next time!

I know that God lives, and that He loves us. He has a perfect plan, and we are all part of it :)

What a blessing :)

Have the greatest of weeks!

Elder McFarland

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