Monday, September 26, 2016

Wake Me Up When September Ends. In which Elder McFarland wishes Belize a very happy birthday

haha, I hope you can read that whole title.

but first,


September is almost over?!?!

what the heck? where is the year going? where is the time?

ok panic attack over. 
This week was a very good week for me. 

I started out slow because of a huge party starting Tuesday night and going until Wednesday evening. Our leaders told us we had to stay inside the whole time. We played soccer tennis(a fun game we play with this little cement wall outside our house using only our feet!) and watched church movies, and slept. And then Wednesday night we got permission to leave our house to go to the church for a branch activity(Our group is always part of the branch activities in Belmopan because it is technically just an appendage of the branch in a different place!) and we played soccer with the branch and had a lot of fun!

after that it was get to work time. This week we did a lot of follow up on people we found the first week and tried to find out who to see. We now have 8 progressing investigators, where at the beginning of the week we didn't have any! we also have a baptismal date with a young man named Sergio who is 20 years old and understands the lessons SO well!

But the biggest miracle this week was the Rash family. Literally the last investigators I met this week(Saturday night at 7:30) and an old investigator of Elder Rojas and Elder Freeman. Before they weren't quite ready, my comp says, but when we went with them they were GOLDEN.

Brother Francisco Rash is the father of 3 teenage boys, and his wife is Carolina. They are very smart, faithful people, and very smart. Their first language is Quechi, a mayan dialect from Guatemala, but they all speak good English, and brother Rash even knows another Dialect called Mopan Maya.(which is cool because another recent convert we have, his name is Valentine, speaks Mopan maya as his first language!) and Bro Rash speaks a little spanish as well!

During the lesson we had with them, about how the Book of Mormon and the Bible work together to teach us the gospel, Brother Rash opened up to us and told us that in the church he is going right now, he is having some problems, and he just feels like something is missing, and he told us he has a whole that he has been begging God to fill.

After we talked about that for a while, sister rash said " so are there really Prophets on the earth today? We told her gladly that YES! and this next week with General Conference coming up, it is the perfect opportunity for them to gain a testimony of prophets and revelation!

I am super excited for conference and to see how the Rash family progresses this week!

i am out of time though, so I will tell you how everything goes next week!

I know that Christ lives, and that He loves me, and that God has a perfect plan for me and for everybody.

Have the greatest of weeks!

Elder McFarland

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