Monday, September 12, 2016

Beetoh and Eggy

Yes, they call him Eggy.
the newest member of the church in the Santa Elena Branch!
and no, Beetoh isn't his real name,
his name is David and he is also a new member of the church!
Edwin Guevara and David Young got baptized on Saturday!( and Confirmed on Sunday!)
God is a God of Miracles.
But the devil tries his best(and always fails!)
So Edwin is the little brother of a guy who was baptized in July in the sisters area, but him and Beetoh always hang out at beetoh's house in our area. Beetoh has been coming to the church for years, and Edwin for a couple months, but they hadn't decided to be baptized yet. Elder Smith and I started teaching the two of them together(because they are almost always together) and they were coming to church when Elder Smith left.
and this last week they decided to get baptized! I'm super happy for them and now comes the best part:retention. They will enroll in Semenary this week(it's also the first week of school here in Belize, and we will try to get them the Priesthood as soon as possible! they are both 13 about to turn 14(haha, a little young for you Hannah, or no?;)[just kidding mom Hannah is too young]
As for the rest of the week, it was pretty slow. We were super excited for Edwin and Beetoh, but they were also our only investigators that were still progressing. Back to looking for news this week I guess...We are still working with Shawn and Reyna and hoping they will progress as a family!
The day of the baptism was kinda crazy. Friday I was on interchanges with Elder Palacios(zone leader from Colombia) in San Ignacio, and when I got back Saturday morning before the baptism. we didn't have the keys. to our house. I called the Zone Leaders and they couldn't find them, and now we were running late to the baptism... so we had to find a way to break into our house and get all the baptismal clothes that were inside.
but everything ended up ok!
The baptism went through!
The church is true!
The Book of Mormon is Blue!
I love You.
Have the greatest of weeks! ooh
Elder McFarland

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