Monday, August 29, 2016

wait is it Monday again!

sometimes I feel bad because I don't know what to write about... but this was a super week!

I'll just focus on the people.

First off, Edwin Guevara and David "Beetoh" Young. Edwin and Beetoh are two super sweet young men investigators. Edwin is the little brother of the sisters' recent convert that we kinda took over teaching, and Beetoh is his best friend. Actually they met at the church. Beetoh and a horde of his little brothers and nephews-albert, bigs, milky, leelee, thug(all of them have cool nicknames) have been coming to church for a long time every Saturday for sports night! when I was with Elder Smith we started to teach Beetoh more, and he started coming to church. Him and Edwin have been coming to church a lot this month, and right now we are just hoping to get the permission for them to get baptized this next week! Then we hope to get them the priesthood and get this branch some solid young men!

then there is the Tate family. They were baptized about 2 years ago, but they are inactive right now. This week we went on spilts with the AP's for one hour and we went with the Tates. For the first time, we found Sis Tate home and not busy and had a super sweet lesson with her! She has had a lot of super difficult trials and is super sick right now! I feel so much desire to just help her and her little family!!

Shawn and Reyna Vazquez are still doing good. Shawn was gone pretty much all week last week, so we didn't get to see them a ton, but tonight we are going to have a super huge family night with them and we'll get to talk to them again!

We met a cool new inactive guy named Marco last week. He hasn't been to church in a long while, but he knows, he KNOWS! haha we're gunna start working more with him this week to see if we can't get to know him and his difficulties a little better this week!

Sis williams is doing good still. Still having some problems, but this week we got her started on Family History and she got super excited and is going to start working a lot on that!

We met a cute little family named Marvin and Ashley, and we made super good friends with them. After we gave Marvin a Book of Mormon he read it and had a lot of questions! we'll see where that goes this week!

I'm doing good this week! I'm happy and strong! I'm also super skinny and getting into shape! I learned how to play a small harp thing this super old member named Brother Griffith has and I decided I like banana smoothies!

I know Christ lives! and Loves us all!

Have the greatest of weeks!

Elder McFarland

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