Monday, August 1, 2016

The Golden Fleece

If Mom can find out this title, so let it be.

first off.

*screams* **emotional outburst**

I was not expecting changes to happen. I mean, I knew we were going to start a new change, but because my whole district whitewashed the district last change, we were assuming no one would have any changes.

And you know what they say about assuming Dad. (it makes an ASU out of M and E ;)

Elder Smith is leaving! Maybe I haven't said a ton about Elder Smith, but that's just cuz I thought we were going to be together at least one more change! 

But here is a shoutout to one of the best companions ever. 

Elder Smith is from Glendale, Arizona. He has 1 more change than me in the mission. We have a VERY similar sense of humor. and taste of music. Pretty much the whole change we were just walking under the sun singing songs and making lame(but totally awesome) jokes. Elder Smith is the most obedient missionary I know, which comes from his very strong testimony of the church(and a very touching story as to how he got it) and we work really well together. I will always remember this change forever(cue redundancy police)

dang it I ran out of time.

I will tell more about our investigators next week, and my new comp, but please keep praying for Reyna and Shawn, and also for Victoria August!

Also last pday we went to Xenantonich(See photos) a really cool mayan ruins place in Succotes(a nearby town)

Love you all, have the greatest of weeks!

Elder McFarland

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