Monday, August 8, 2016

Of haircuts and hurricanes

Sometimes I wonder if my life is a movie. And then I remember they don't pay me enough for me to be a professional actor, so I get sad and remember that there is no background music nor soundtracks...

This week there were a lot of changes in my life and in the country.

My new comp is Elder Cuevas! He is a super cool missionary from the Dominican Republic. He is a real people person. He is good at getting people to just open up and trust him. I am learning a lot from him. He has almost 21 months in the mission, so there is a lot of experience which he has and he knows the scriptures backwards and frontwards. Also he is super good at cooking food. We talk a lot about life. its pretty cool. One super cool thing he does is offer anyone he sees a free haircut, something that breaks down barriers and makes people super happy! The second day together he gave me a haricut and it looks super sweet!

Elder Cuevas has had a hard life. He is the only member in his family and they don't really support him like at all. He was born super poor into a broken family. His life is very different from mine, and his testimony is super strong. It has made me very grateful to have the family that I have and to have been born into the Gospel!

Also he is learning English, so that's fun. 

As for our investigators, this week was kinda slow because of the hurricane. 

oh yeah, the hurricane. 

Wednesday night the hurricane hit. at 6 it began to rain super strong, and our zone leaders were like "GET IN THE HOUSE!" I called the sisters in my district and told them to hurry home.

6:10 we get to the house and it stops raining... like, perfectly calm and quiet. for about 3 hours nothing happened.

and then it hit. 

super windy and rainy all night. You could hear the trees breaking and the cats flying through the air(don't worry hannah, I'm kidding about the cats!) More than anything else it was SUPER strong winds that blew in every direction. I tried my hardest and managed to sleep a LITTLE that night.

And in the morning?

It stopped.

The next two days we spent picking up branches that had broken and even cut up an entire tree that had fallen on the house of a member(don't worry the house was ok!!) It was a great opportunity for service!

The damage was minimal and not a single house fell in my area!

so that's what its like to go through a catagory 1 hurricane.

my comp says where he lives they get category 3 and up almost every year. That's when you really start to worry and you see entire palm trees flying through the air! the highest he lived through was a category 5 named Hurricane David(haha, I didn't do it.) and it was super loco crazy!

So ya that's pretty much my week in a nutshell. 

Please pray for Reyna and Shawn still! Reyna and all the kids but one came to church on Sunday, but Shawn had to stay home with the little baby who was sick.

Life is super good and I am super happy.

Ain't no hurricane can blow this guy down!

love you all

Have the greatest of weeks

elder McFarland

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