Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference in General



(Crowd goes wild)

Let`s here it for General Conference!

(crowd goes even wilder)

What a great weekend huh?

I especially loved all of the talks. 

I`m doing really well

My investigators are doing well too!

Alberto is pretty much an active member, but yesterday his soon to be wife told us she`d rather save up a huge ton of money for a cool wedding party than get married any time soon, so I don`t know when that will happen. One day they`ll be a family all together in the church though. We invited them to pray as a couple about it and we`ll see what God tells them!

Alberto`s daughter has been to church like 4 times now. She loves it! We are helping her to recieve her answer so she can be baptized. We are hoping that will happen this Saturday or the next! Her name is Christina and she is 13(really close to Hannah`s age!)

Manuel and Isabel are doing really well. This last week I didn`t drink any coke and Manuel succesfully quit coffee for the whole week! He says it wasn`t even that hard for him, and that he`s gunna keep it up! Isabel is having a harder time with it, but we`re getting there! We`ve got some things to work out this week so they can get married and baptized, but they are progressing alot!

Mariah Lopez has kinda stopped progressing. We haven`t been able to get ahold of her a couple days so we`ll have to see where that one goes.

Jose Franco has been sick, but he continues to progress.

so that`s the cool things that have been going on here.

oh yeah and I`m going to a volcano today🌋

So that`s pretty sick!

Conference really strenghtened my testimony(as always) and helped me so SO much

After conference I gave a priesthood blessing to a sick member. I can`t really describe it in words, but my testimony of priesthood power was doubly strenghtend yesterday.

I hope you have the greatest of weeks, and that you know that I love you.

Elder McFarland

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