Monday, March 28, 2016

Let Eli Pray Right Over Southern Yemen

If mom  can figure out this subject line, so be it.

ok I´ll tell you.

Turns out I'm a leper. (L E P R O S Y)

Ok not really but here are the pictures

you can't really tell from the picture how fun it was, my face was all swollen and the rash and my chest and legs kept getting redder and more swollen, but I didn't get a picture at my ugliest. (sorry)

But please don´t worry I have returned to my normal color and not swollenness.

This isn't a very long group email:

I don't have a lot to say this week. other than the Leprosy, things were kinda slow. 

but miracles never cease from happening.

So first is some bad news. Although we sent for the papers we needed two weeks ago, and we aren't going to point any fingers, we did not get the papers we needed for Alberto´s wedding. He and his soon to be wife were obviously pretty upset about that, but actually they are the first miracle we saw.

They were way more understanding and loving than they could have been, and now we have re-planned their wedding for the 16th and we are hoping to be able to get through to the wife so she can be baptized alongside her almost husband!

Another miracle is that Manuel and Isabel came to church!! That and we have a deal where if they quit coffee I´ll quit coke(haha I never drank it before the mission and I might be a LITTLE bit addicted) that's two times in church and counting!

Another miracle is Holy Week(La Semana Santa.) It´s like spring break here where they celebrate Easter for a week. And even though you've probably heard about Holy Week before, you don´t really know what it is until you´ve lived it in a Latin country!

Also it's fun to say I'm a leper even when I'm not really one.

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