Monday, March 21, 2016

ate. In which I get a much needed pedicure.

Time flies like a baseball bat that an amateur(but really strong) baseball player lets go and the peak of his swing. 

Can you believe I`ve been gone 8 months? Me neither. ate months is a long time. 

This week was amazing for a variety of different reasons. there are a lot, but I`ll just start from the top.

We went to the Temple this week! we got to do a session and it was amazing! When I was in the Celstial room, I didn`t want to leave. I was praying and asking the Lord for strength and guidance and I could feel His love so powerfully guiding me and teaching me. I love the Temple. It is like a little piece of Heaven here on Earth. Please take advantage if you have a Temple close by that you can visit often

Another Tender Mercy this week was being able to see my great friends from the mission. In the Temple, we got to do the session with one of the other Zones in the mission, Laico. Right now in Laico is my best friend in all the mission, Elder Ostler! If you don`t remember we were in Sonsonate 6 moths together! Also at a multizone conference I got to see a large majority of my missionary friends. Elders Hallman, Gee, Garfield, Gardner, to name just a few.

As for the pedicure, it wasn`t actually a pedicure, but there is a member in our ward that cuts toenails, and I had an almost ingrown toenail, so  I went this morning to go check it out. She cleaned up all my toenails and it was actually really awesome!

Our investigators are doing really awesome! 

Alberto is getting married this Wednesday! He wants to wait to get baptized until things at work slow down(the reason the marriage is this wednesday is because the wife wants to do it before we leave because she has gotten to know us, but is really catholic and isn`t going to get baptized yet, and she told us if they didn`t get married with us here she didn`t want to do it.(transfers are next week and you never know.)) so long story short he will get married wednesday and baptized the 2 of April!

Manuel and Isabel are still working things out. If it was for Isabel they`d already be baptized and active, but we are still working with manuel to get it all ready so they can get married and all that fun stuff

Mariah Lopez needs an answer to her prayers. Her old church visited her this week and she decided she wants to go back there just because its whats comfortable and  what she`s always known. Prayers are needed and appreciated!

Franco is still pretty much an active member. Working with him to get it all worked out so that he feels a desire to be baptized!

Edgardo and Emilio are doing well but facing problems. The goal is that next week the two of them will bless the sacrament and go to the temple to do baptisms!

I am happy and safe and well. I love being a missionary. I love the Lord. I have a testimony of the Atonement of Christ. He lives and Loves us!!!

Have the Greatest of weeks yall!

Elder McFarland

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