Monday, March 7, 2016

Faith or Fear

This week I got a letter from myself. what a tender mercy and a miracle!

Let me explain, no wait, there is to much... let me sum up(shout out to those who remember this movie quote.)

its actually not that complicated just my mom was inspired to send me a copy of my notes from my farewell talk and there was something in there that I really needed to hear. Just goes to show that God works in a million and a half different ways, and that miracles still exist.

And seriously it was cool to get advice from myself. 

This week has been really great! The Zaragoza branch is starting to wake up and to get the work moving again!! We`ve had some really powerful lessons in a few of the member`s homes with our investigators where everyone leaves uplifted and that is just about the best thing ever!

Edgardo couldn`t get the priesthood yet because of stake conference, but he is still just about the coolest guy in the world. We have been working a lot with his dad too, and he is progressing, but at his own pace. One day they will both be strong priesthood holders and anchors of faith in the Branch!!

Alberto always tells us he feels so ready for his baptism this saturday. I know he is. He is making a great change and you can see the light in his eyes every day! But he has a huge trial this week right before his baptism because his work situation is really really difficult all of a sudden and has to work almost 24 7. Pray for a miracle. We need your faith! Don`t worry though, we will provide the works!

Emilio is super cool but his girlfriends isnt. Emilio`s dad described her as the devil(his words, not mine) because she always is tempting him and telling him not to go to church and not to obey the commandments. We need another miracle there this week too!

Manuel and Isabel are strong as ever, but they too are facing a proelem this week. The only time they have water in their faucets is Sundays in the morning. We are scanning our brains looking for a way to help them to be able to water their HUGE garden and come to church. Also they need to get married.

Jose Franco is in Helaman in the Book of Mormon. Still has a lot of questions and problems to answer and resolve, but he says he feels at home in the church and with the members, so I know he will get his answers soon. The members have been a good help with him!

This week we had an area conference via satelite that was way off the charts inspiring! Elder Neal L. Anderson spoke to us... IN SPANISH!!! The gift of tongues seriously is real folks. Elder Anderson served a FRENCH speaking mission, and lived in Brazil speaking PORTUGESE a few years, and still managed to give an amazingly powerful talk in SPANISH. Woah. 

One of the big topics of the conference was Faith. Faith is the sure confidence that God will fulfill his promises, even if we don`t know how it is even possible. It is knowing that he will bless us if we keep his commandments and doing the right thing even when it is hard.

Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear is what makes us stop relying on the Lord and stop keeping his commandments. Fear is what stops us from acting on the Faith that we know we have. 

I`ve noticed something about myself and about life this week. Anyone can do the correct things when its easy. Anyone can sail a ship on calm waters. But when its hard? That`s when our faith is really put to the test. That`s when we(and especially me) sometimes stop in our progress and start to fear and fail. Our footsteps fail on the surface of the stormy seas and we start to sink. It is in these perilous times that we need to remember who is there with arms stretched out to save us! To cry out to One so great that even the winds and the waves obey His will! 

And in the midst of the howling winds and crashing waves, may we have the Faith to hear the words: BE STILL!

I testify that Jesus Christ lives! He loves us and he will never leave us alone! He will lift us up and set our feet back firmly planted on the surface of the water. Together, we can walk ever onward glorying in His name, until the day that he presents us before the Father as one worthy to enter into the Celestial Kingdom!

His Church is here upon the Earth!

He speaks to His prophet!

He is Risen!

He loves you!

I do too:)

Have the greatest of weeks yall!

Elder McFarland

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