Monday, March 14, 2016

Let`s start from the very beginning, a very good place to start.

I was born a poor black boy in the heart of Detroit. Time's were tough but I was tougher. Work, school, and an overtime graveyard shift helped me provide for my family and my struggling single father who had a ``slight`` alcohol problem. 

Ok maybe the beginning`s too long ago to start.

How bout the middle. 

So I started this week with a headache. It may have been from the sun or the stress, but it wasn`t a ton of fun. Work and Water helped me to get through it though. 

So Tuesday we talked with Emilio and Alberto. If you remember, last week I was fairly sure Alberto would get baptized last week and Emilio would need a lot of time. 


Emilio was going through some pretty rough stuff. His girlfriend was really angry with him for going to church and wanting to be baptized, and she was tempting him and filling his mind with a lot of anti mormon stuff. He decided that he deserved someone that was going to support him and ended the relationship

he said these words at his baptism on Saturday. `` I have been through a lot of trials as I have been preparing for this day. It came to the point where I was forced to choose. My girlfriend, or Jesus of Nazereth. I chose Christ.`` 

Spiritual fire!! He was so ready and Saturday was an amazing day. He shared with us that he felt the spirit super strong cleansing him after his baptism. Sunday he received the Holy Ghost and the Aaronic Priesthood(The stake presidency was there on Sunday for branch conference and they helped speed up the process!) Next Sunday Emilio wants to go out and visit with us and bless the sacrament and we are going to take him to the temple to do baptisms. He is 35, so in a couple of months if he prepares he can get the Melchezedek Priesthood! His dad is an old guy who is a new member in the ward, and it was great to see the look in his eyes when his son was baptized!

As for Alberto, we hit a roadblock (but don't worry we got around it.) turns out the missionaries before me had just assumed he was married to his partner. (and you know what they say about that Dad;) but luckily his almost wife is really cool and wants to get married(she`s also really catholic too. we're gunna start teaching her ) so we`ve been scrambling to get all the papers together and they're going to get married the 23 this month. Alberto`s baptism will either happen that day or soon thereafter. He`s been coming to church a lot, but these next two weeks he has to work fixing a school while the kids are out on spring break. 

Manuel and Isabel are sweet. Manuel is a little behind spiritually speaking. They are progressing a lot though! We challenged them this week to get married, and Isabel is totally on board, but we are still waiting for a response from Manuel. Pray that they'll receive their answers!

Maria Lopez came to church again! She has been receiving answers and has told us that she want`s to stop jumping between church and church and know which is from God. She will be baptized hopefully at the end of this month!

As for Edgardo? He`s still doing awesome, he went out to work with us this week and he is learning a lot really fast. He is such a smart kid and I know he's got great things in store for him. anyone know a good talk about missionary service being our duty as priesthood holders?

Jose Franco is still progressing, but I don't know what else we can teach him. He almost counts as an active member, and I'm pretty sure he finished the Book of Mormon this week, but he is still waiting for answers and doesn't want to get baptized yet. I think we're going to invite him to fast too to get an answer. The members have been helping us a lot with him. One day he`ll get there, just at his own pace!

Please pray for the Sol Zarco family. they are a struggling family of 3, the two parents and an autistic 10 year old. They are members, but because of their struggles haven't been coming to church. We need to help them feel  God`s love and help them out of this hard time!

Pray for The Ibarra Family, Hugo Juarez, Melany, the Zalazar family, and the Rivas family. Oh yeah and the Ramos family and the Galdames family. They are less actives that need your prayers too!

Thanks for your prayers.

This missionary is having a lot of fun and working really hard. 

Sometimes, our plan and God's plan aren't the same at first. But just remember that His plan is perfect, and although we think we know what we need and want, He knows better. 

Lose yourself and go to work!

It works!

I know that Christ lives and that he loves us!

The church is true!

have the greatest of weeks and remember that I love you!

Elder McFarland

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