Monday, April 18, 2016

Sometimes it Rains.

We are just getting into the rainy season here in good ol El Sal. What does that mean? plastic bags and umbrellas!
When it rains here it rains hard. do you remember the pics I sent you from the Delights.(las delicias) last time we were in the rainy season? we haven`t quite hit as bad as it was there, but we are starting up. Everything is clowdy and its dumped rain like 3 times.
I love rainy season because everything gets so SO green. anything and everything can and will grow.
The problem is that there will be lots of mosquitos. I`m gunna get ready with a backup supply of OFF just to make sure they don`t eat me alive.
This week we almost had a miracle baptism. Do you remember Maria? The lady that we found that was progressing so well and then just stopped because her old church scared her? well we visited her again on Tuesday, read from the Book of Mormon with her a little while and then she said she actually did want to get baptized. she had all the attendences, so we called the district and zone leaders and got permission and everything to baptize her on Saturday. We visited her Wednesday and Thursday was the interview. she passed with flying colors and was excited for Saturday. Then we came back Friday. She told us right away that she didn`t want to be baptized. She told us she would be lying to God if she got baptized again. We tried to explain and teach and do everything we could, but I think someone from her old church had visited her again and scared her pretty bad that she had to go back there or she would be lying to God. So our almost miracle baptism ended with her telling us not to come back. Ouch.
But life goes on! We found a couple really solid new investigators that we will visit this week and we still have our 3 weddings that we are trying to get solid for the end of this month. We also found a less active family, the Cruz family, that were baptized almost a year ago and are really really positive to come back to church!
We showed up right in time yesterday to help them move some big rocks in their yard that the sister couldn`t move cuz she is super sick and that the brother couldn`t either because he has a slight physical disorder. God answered their prayers through us and we helped them really quick and taught them a lesson. The sister asked us for a blessing and we felt the spirit very strongly in their home! they have an seven year old boy that`s about to turn eight in July(only one month older than Adam!)
And so,
Although sometimes it rains,
The sun always comes out to shine again.
Sorry I don`t have a lot of time to write more, but remember
The church is true.

Have the greatest of weeks.
I love you.
Elder MacFarland

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