Monday, November 2, 2015

1 2 3 4: I declare a plumb war

This week I had an EXPERIENCE.

But as always I'm going to let you stew on why I named the email like I did for a while.

This week was a REALLY good week. We worked a lot with the members, and had a lot of success!!! I love my ward here in Las Delcias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My recent convert shared a really touching story with us this week. She doesn`t have a lot of money, so we asked her to be the one to wash our clothes, we pay her for her work, and she learns to be self sufficient, win win. She washes all of our normal clothes( although she`s not endowed so we ask another member to help us out with the
clothes she can't) anyways monday`s we give her our clothes to wash, and Tuesday we pick them up. Tuesday morning it was raining, our clothes never would've been dry, and she told us that she said a prayer, and asked that if she was doing the right thing joining the church, and that if the church was true, it would stop raining. shortly thereafter, she told us there was a grand solazo(like a slap in the face of sun) and the rest of the day was sunny. God answers prayers. She talked to us about prayers, and her faith is really really strong. She was telling us the way she prays, and I have a testimony that the ``Spirit teaches man to pray`` because we never taught her the amazing faith or manner of prayer she has, ``just like a conversation with a loving Father.``  I learned a lot from her.

Thursday we went on splits with two members from the ward. I went with Guiermo Moran. He has been home from his mission for 6 months, and is a real quality human being. It was weird being in charge of my area for a whole day, but by the end of the day I felt so on fire that I felt I could do anything. Elder Rojas went with Ulises(the one that sent you a picture on facebook Mom) and went to Santa Emilia (a part of our area that you have to take a 10 minute bus ride to get to, which is pretty much its own city.) Thursday was really really good.

Friday. Friday.... Friday was a DAY... so we had some plumbing issues.long story short, everything that went DOWN the toilet came UP the drain in the shower, EVERYTHING from the few days before Friday. It was probably the grossest thing I have ever experienced. We had to go to the Zone Leaders house to take a shower, and our landlord came and helped us fix the problem. Saturday I had to clean it up though..... I AM GRATEFUL FOR AMERICAN PLUMBING. ya so that day was really really weird, and I felt kinda homesick because even the bathroom had betrayed me... haha but I prayed really hard and went to work and the homesickness left!! then Saturday was one of the best days!!! after the hard comes the good!!!

Saturday night our ward had an activity. "Black and White Party" ya, in English. I thought it was funny how we have Fiestas and they have Parties just to experience a different culture. Good times.

Our baptism fell through because Ricardo smoked and drank the day of the interview. We are working really hard with him to be ready again for the 14th. Pray for him please.

I KNOW God lifts us up. He helps us keep moving when we are so tired that we don`t think we can take another step. I love testifying that to people. If you are having a hard day. If the stress is pushing down on you and all around you the world is caving in. Just remember that long ago Someone else felt the same way: Someone who never deserved it, but CHOSE to take upon Him YOUR pain, so that He could help you. I testify that Jesus Christ can help you make it through whatever problem you are facing. In His everlasting mercy He doesn't take away our problems, but He gives us the strength to make it through them. He will make our weak things strong. I know with all my heart that He lives and that He blesses our lives every single day. Although we may fail to see His hand he is there. His grace is sufficient for all men, that we may be saved after all we can do. I testify that He lives and that He loves you. There is no other means whereby we can be saved, but His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. Remember that a yoke has two harnesses. One for you, and one for Him. I testify that those who trust in Him will not be ashamed. He has provided the way for us to live with our families forever.

My greatest fear is empty chairs in the Celestial Kingdom. That's why I am here, helping bring as many of these my brethren to the mercies of Christ. Please, turn to Him. Be healed by His love. The Way is prepared, we just need to repent and have faith in Him.

I love you all, and I hope that you know that I pray for you. There is a missionary in the oven of El Salvador that loves you, and there are countless others that are cheering for you, including One who you can call Father.

Have the greatest of weeks, ok?

Elder McFarland

PS Shoutout to Elder Steven Okelberry

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