Monday, November 9, 2015

No, not Parisians.

This week was the best worst week I`ve had this week.

Are you confused yet? ok let me explain:

Let`s start at the very beginning:

Do Re Mi.

Dang it i`m sorry, I`ll get to the point.

I got parasites this week!!!

I love how much this country is trying to kill me!!! I`m not being sarcastic I really am so happy. so what happened is that Monday, I was feeling a little bit ugh and my stomach started to hurt me pretty bad. That's relatively normal here to have one day like that, so I waited it out to see if it would go away. Wednesday, I called the mission nurse. She told me to go get some tests done at a clinic close to where we live, so I did. Let me let you in on a secret they didn`t take any blood to test if I was sick. Can you think of another way they would find out what`s inside me? I`ll let you stew on that one. It was a really long day because we had to make four trips to the clinic by the time the day was over. And when we picked up the results? yep, sure enough I have parasites AND an internal infection!!! I'm on medicine now though so don't worry I'm feeling so much better.

But enough about me, this week a couple of really exciting things happened.

The first is that we had a baptism!!! Dolores Flores was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and became a Latter-Day Saint! she is so powerful. If she sets an appointment, or agrees to be somewhere, or to do something, she does it exactly as she
promised at the time she promised to do it. That's really rare here in a country that runs about 20 minutes late and where people are afraid of commitments. When we taught her the Word of Wisdom she stopped drinking coffee from that very moment onward, and always tells us how well she is doing.

The second is that we are going to have another baptism! Ricardo, our investigator who we had to push back his baptism a couple of weeks ago for Word of Wisdom problems said to us this week(rather unexpectedly) Thank you thank you for all you have done for me! I`ve been able to change my life so much, and I am eternally indebted to you and the Lord. I`m going to get baptized this week, but I`m a member of the church(we explained to him later that only after baptism do we become members of the Church, but what he meant is that he`s all in, fully committed, etc.) If he can hold out strong with the Word of Wisdom
this week he'll be baptized Saturday!!!

this week I learned something really powerful. I learned that the good times always follow the hard times, and that God gives us strength to carry on, even when we don`t know where that strength is coming from. I know without a doubt that God is with me and that he bears me up when I am falling down.

There is a Mormon Message called The Will of God. We've used it a lot this week with our less actives, and so its been on my mind. It talks about a currant bush, and about why we experience trials in our life. I want you to go look it up. Even if you`ve already seen it. Think
about how God is directing your life, and have the courage to be grateful for trials.

I love you all, and I pray that you will have a great, no, an amazing, no, the BEST week this week.

Elder McFarland

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