Friday, November 18, 2016

you wouldn´t believe it´s not butter

ok I´ll be honest I´m completely en blanco for a weekly email title and things right now.

But here we go. 

Claudia Maldonado got a little spooked this week when we invited her to baptism. When I was inviting her i literally felt like I was walking through a mine field because we already knew she doesn´t like to be pressured. So right now we are in the process of trying to regain her trust again so that we can keep helping her progress.

But in another more positive news. Last Sunday we had a special experience. 

We finished church and our meetings and lunch with a member family and it was about 4 o clock. At 5 o clock we had our missionary correlation. The Chapel is about 30 minutes away from our area walking. So pretty much if we went to our area we were going to have like 10 minutes(well, not even that, but we were planning on that.) to work. We decided it was worth it and we started walking to our area as fast as we could. We had one appointment with a lady named Paula Grandados. She is an older lady who is the sister of a member and apparently had been an investigator for a long time. We showed up to the house, and things were really hectic. I was fighting back sleep as my head was starting to nod, and things were loud and crazy, but we started the lesson, and I was praying that I wouldn´t fall asleep. after about 3 or so minutes of my companions talking I decided I NEEDED to do something to stay awake, so i sat up and kept trying to shake off the sleep. It was my turn to speak and the Spirit gave me energy and woke up my soul.

As I invited her to baptism and listened to our investigator, we got the sweetest suprise. Turns out, she has been reading quite a bit from the Book of Mormon, and she has been ´´talking to God´´ trying to find out if she should be baptized. Right there in that 10 minute lesson she confided in us that she had received a strong spiritual prompting that she should be baptized the week before, but that she felt embarrassed because she didn´t have a white dress. 

almost screaming with delight we told her that we would get all the arrangements done for her baptism and we helped her to choose December 3 as the day of her Baptism. 

Just goes to show that 10 minutes really can make a difference. 

God is the one who does the miracles, not us. We just have to be worthy and willing to do what he asks. Please pray for Paula that she will be supported in her preparation for entering the Lord´s kingdom!

I love being a missionary. I love serving God. and others.

Also, a shoutout to my sister Jeh in her engagement to her sweetheart Josh!!!!

I love you all!!!

Elder McFarland

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