Friday, November 4, 2016

I´m just here to have fun coach.

Hey so this weekly letter is going to be a little bit shorter, because I am pretty much out of time already. 

But just so you know.

I´m liking the office. It´s a good place here, and my companions are super great! Every day we go to the office until about 2 or 3, and afterwards we head out to work. 

I´ll just skip to the good part and tell you about our most positive people.

Right now our most positive investigator is Claudia Maldonado. She has a daughter who is a recent convert, and she has been to church twice now. Recently she is getting more excited about the church, and yesterday we had a super solid lesson on the Book of Mormon that she really enjoyed. Her husband is positive to, according to my companions, but he is ALWAYS working, so I haven´t been able to meet him yet. The best part is that they already have some friends with the ward members and their daughter is REALLY solid in the church right now(she´s like 21ish and her name is Stefany) so that´s cool!

Other than that, It´s too soon to tell with a lot of other people.

The ward members are super solid. We had a good lesson with the Bishop and his wife this week that was super fun, and another with a family called the Juaquin family, and another with the Tica family, and I´m very happy about the members here in Miramonte.

Well, just like I promised, this was a short letter, but next week will be longer as I get to know things better!

Love you all to death!!!

Elder McFarland

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