Monday, July 4, 2016

dis da fo we gospel

(This gospel is for US)

wa dee go aan?( how's it going)

How are you all this week?

I am doing super great. 

This week was pretty much just a following up week from what we started the first week. We are starting to get to know all the active and less active members and the branch is doing super well! we found like, 20 new investigators this week, so I am super pumped!

sometimes I am completely at awe at the goodness and miracles of God. This week I have seen more investigators receive answers to prayer than any week before. The people here are so sincere and prepared to hear the gospel. 

One of the greatest miracles is the Zalazar family. Shadine and her son Shamar and her daughter Jaycee. The Elders in Belize City found Jaycee and gave us the referal to go and talk with them. We went and found Shadine and Shamar and had a super great lesson with the 3 of them. then the next time we found them cleaning the house, so we totally started sweeping and moping and when we were done we taught a lesson. It reminded me of 20 minute cleaning at the McFarlands. 

We then had a SUPER spiritual lesson with Shadine. Shamar told us that the night after we went the first time he prayed and got an answer. he accepted a baptismal date. then shadine said she had prayed, but hadn't gotten an answer yet.  We were talking about the restoration, and when we got to the First Vision, you could tell it was impacting her heart. She accepted a baptismal date too! I just kinda sat there and watched as the words were put in our mouths and as she realized that there is only 1 true church on the earth. I was awestruck at how God was working with her. I am super greatful for his power and strength.

And that isn't it. Every day things happen that leave me with my mouth wide open. Finding people that are so prepared. Stopping in front of a house of a member that needed a blessing when we were NOT looking for that house. These are just a few examples of God's grace and mercy for us in our area. I probably don't deserve such goodness from God, but I am greatful that despite my weaknesses He sees it fit in His mercy to let me be an instrument in His hands. I know that God lives! This is HIS work!

Also President Moody( I told you about him, right, the super cool branch president that has only been a member a year and a half?)((he is the hardest working member I have ever met)) asked us to speak at a family history activity, and then we started to help some of the members with their family history. I caught the bug. I felt the Spirit of Elijah SUPER strong last night and I am inspired this week to see how I can use it to bless this branch!

ok so I am super out of time but I love you all to the ends of the earth! Cuidense mucho. and know that I am praying for you all!

Pictures next week

Life is good in the Gospel

Have the greatest of weeks. 

Work Hard, Pray hard.

Waz good.

Elder McFarland

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