Monday, July 11, 2016

Good 'ol Saint Elens.

Don't anyone else comment about almost hitting the year mark... I get really self conscious. ;)

Being a missionary is my favorite thing in the entire world. especially when you are in a mission as cool as mine is :) My companion said, " We're the most Spanglish of all Spanglish missions." and it makes my heart happy. Pretty much it doesn't matter how bad my english or spanish might be at any given moment. I pretty much just enjoy saying what I see good and fit. 

Santa Elena branch is doing so incredibly well. President Moody is the hardest working member in the world. It is so inspiring. 

So this week was kinda a crazy one. First of all, P-day. P-days are fun and all, but pretty much the whole day is gone by the time you start working you only have 3 hours to get stuff done. Then of all, tuesday was P-day again. Ok not really but we had a multi-zone where we got to meet President Adams! He was in Belize all week and it was cool to get to know him just a little! but ya we had to take a 3 hours bus ride to Belize City and back, and so by the time we started working it was 6:00 again and it was just as quick as P-day.

fun fact, Me and my companion woke up at 5:45(it was an accident)and still made it onto the 6:00 bus. yes those are a.m. times. 

wednesday was the only normal work day.

Thursday we had district meeting and then interviews with President Adams, but because they had to go to the one Guatemala area in the mission(its called Melchor.) they were super late and I wasn't interviewed till like 6:00(that ones a p.m. time.) and so Thursday was pretty much already over too.

Thursday was also a fun day because it was Companion Exchanges.(Interchanges as we call it in our spanglish. ((intercambios en espanol))) and I got to go with Elder Fiu. He is a super cool samoan/Australian elder who also happens to be my zone leader. we had a party and we sang and walked and worked and it was a great experience. He is a really great missionary.

so because Thursday was spent pretty much all day in interviews. Friday we did interchanges too because the Zone Leaders didn't actually get to work at all with us. so Friday I also wasn't in my area, but it was a LOT of fun with Elder Fiu. and then Saturday was a normalish work day after we switched back!

So yeah! this week was super interesting, but a little bit slow! as far as investigators and working in my area is concerned.

But I am doing really well. I am sweating buckets and I think I am starting to lose the small pupusa tummy that I gained back in Zaragoza. haha I wonder if anyone would recognize me anymore. I used to be a bit chubbier:) Everyone that knows me in the mission is super surprised to find that out!

But even though my stomach is getting smaller, my testimony is getting a lot bigger. In the almost 1 year that I have been a missionary(ok fine, I was the one who brought it up.) I have learned and grown in so many different ways. Sometimes I ponder on how far I've come, and I see the road that stretches out before me and I think: this truly is the greatest adventure of my life. I have learned so much about life and things and the gospel, and I know that I have much MUCH more to learn. But I am content just to be in the fray learning and growing. Truly the journey is much more fun then the destination. "I'm just happy to be here coach!"

I love the Lord. He Lives! The Church is True!

There are no accidents(kung fu panda:)

Have the greatest of weeks!

elder McFarland

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