Monday, June 27, 2016

Feliz in Belize

you don't know how long I've been planning that subject line...
so first I would like to apologize if I do not respond to everyone that has written me these 2 weeks. The hour that we have to write goes WAY to fast sometimes.
John 3:16:

God bin laigim ebribodi detmatj, en imbin jandim im ronwan san blanga dai blanga olabat wulijim ebribodi hu bilib langa im garra abum det olagijawan laif en nomo dai; En mi na det san blanga im.

(for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that Whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life)
Belizean Kriol
I invite you to play Mad Gab with the Belizean verse from John, and you will see that you can actually understand it more or less.
Belize is a whole different world.
It's kinda like I've been transfered to a new mission. for example: new language(English and Kriol), New area( me and my comp are whitewashing the area) new people(black people are SO cool) new missionaries(some of them I knew from El Salvador, but some of them no...) and a new mission president( President Hintze finished this week:(I am excited to meet President Adams too:)
It's kinda like starting over but I already know how to be a missionary.
My Area is Santa Elena 2. It is the only area in the zone that is flat(no hills!!) It's a pretty big area, but not bigger than my other areas. It is an 100 percent English Branch(Kriol pretty much counts as English and everyone speaks English in church and Kriol in their homes.) The district comprises of the two of us and two sister missionaries(Sister Zackrinson, a sister I met in Sonsonate and Sister Dayley, a sister that came in the same group as my two sons)
I have such a strong testimony that I am MEANT to be in this area. I know by experience that whenever the Lord puts me in a place, it's because 1. there are people I can bless. 2 there are people that can bless me. and most importantly 3. I need to be here to grow in my personal development. I can tell from just this first week that Elder Smith and I are going to work, WORK, WORK!! We get along super well and have the same goals. It is a party!
The greatest blessing so far in this branch is President Moody, the branch president. He has only been a member a year and a half, but he works SO hard and is SO good at spreading the gospel. We have been focusing on helping him this first week so that he can know he trusts us and put us to work!
I know my Father lives(and loves me too:)
Church is true.
i'll have more to talk about as I meet my area more and get to know the country. but here is a brief list of my investigators
Eustace Jones( YSA super fun and wants to be baptized but has some challenges to overcome)
Janelly Baldera(granddaughter of a recent convert that came to church yesterday!)
Calib (Esutace's cousin)
and a WHOLE ton of new people (we have talked to EVERYONE this week:)
Love you all so much!

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