Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Three is better than two: In which I promise that isn`t Sweat, it is rain.

That may be one of my more complicated title lines, but I was battling in between so many that I had to make a decision. 

I`ll Explain the rain first. Although a couple weeks ago it started to rain and we were supposed to get into the ``rainy`` season. It has been very hot and sunny these last couple of weeks. But finally this week the rain came agian! we get drenched head to toe almost every day! Reminds me of good times in Las Delicias. It`s crazy though, because when it rains is when all the bugs come out, and we have to deal with a lot more crawling things

Also I`m in a trio. Elder Sweat`s companion Elder Riasco(If you remember the 4 of us have been living in the same house for just over 4 months now.) has been really sick, he suffers from harsh migranes. This week It got to be just too much. Poor guys had to go home for a while to recover. Let`s just say tears were shed in the house that night. 

And so for the meantime we are left the three of us with 2. HUGE. areas. It is a little bit of an adjustment going everywhere in a group of three and teaching in 3 and pretty much doing everything as 3. You get so used to being 2 that you don`t know how to handle 3. but 3 has more potential than 2, and our investigators are responding well to 3. I know without a doubt that God needed our 3 for at least a little while.

But things are going well.

Victor now has 2 WEEKS without tasting a drop of alcohol!
Àngel Escobar(Hermana Loli`s son(Hermana Loli is a less active who came to church for the first time in 15 years yesterday!)) accepted a baptismal date for this 25th of June!
We put another date with a new investigator named Kevin Presa
and we now have 3 other dates from Sweats area! I haven`t met them yet.
Also a family of 5 showed up to church on Sunday! they were a reference from a sister that was visiting from Mexico! but there was a confusion in the time of the church meeting here and in Mexico and they showed up 10 minutes before we finished! They are in Sweat`s area and he has only visited them with Riasco and Yesterday with a young man that went on Splits with him!

But the work is going super super well!

I Love you all so much, and I have a testimony that God lives and loves us and directs his church Today and Always!

Have the greatest of weeks

Elder McFarland

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