Monday, May 16, 2016

You can take the guitar away from the man, but you can't take the music!

Let me just say that this title hurts just about as much as it sounds!

I trust President Hintze and I love the Lord more than anything else!

But when President told us there was a new rule that we can't have musical instruments it still hurt a little. on saturday I turned in my little guitar to the zone leaders.

Like I said, I trust President Hintze and I love the Lord more than anything else.

but it hurts a little still

But in every other aspect this week was an amazing one!

First off, we didn't have transfers! Elder Mayèn and I will be together a good while still! also, Elder Sweat and Elder Riasco (the two other elders in the house) didn't have transfers either. This makes 3 that we have been together the 4 of us(for those unacquainted with our mission that is super super rare!

Second off we found a lot of new investigators! this week we walked super SUPER far in our area and found a little pueblo called Asuchillo! there is a ton of potential there and we have started to work there! We found one really positive man named Jerson and another named Edwin, both of which have families of 7! Jerson was meeting with the missionaries before and already has a testimony of the Book of Mormon! Edwin doesn't have much of a religious background, but he has a lot of faith and is super friendly! I`ll let you know as things progress...

Jander and William came to church today! They are both still super motivated to get baptized, but now neither one wants to get married because they have been passing through some super tough times as a couple and need to fix things between themselves. Honestly I don't know what will happen. We are just going to do our absolute best and see what miracles the Lord Provides!

Still super happy to have talked to my family like a week ago. 

fifth off I know that God is behind this wonderful work! I know that despite my weaknesses and shortcomings God is good. In Fact, God is great! He is helping me to improve day by day and He loves me and knows who I am! It`s great to know that he doesn't expect us to be perfect yet! he gives us opportunities to learn!

Hope you all have the greatest of weeks!

I love you all so SO much

Elder Mcfarlandavid

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