Monday, May 9, 2016

Dear mother the flowers remind me of you!

I love my mother so so SOOOOOOOOO much.

So I got really caught up in talking to everyone today that I kinda forgot to type out a big long group email, but If you have any questions ask my mom, I tlaked to her YESTERDAY!

This week we have been looking for new investigators. While we haven`t given up on all of our dear friends, we need more people to teach. That was where we found a real miracle this week!

His name is Victor. he is a struggling father with a heavy alchol problem. He want`s to change his life to help his poor little family, and he has a lot of faith in Christ that he can move forward and repent. He accepted a baptismal date! We are going to have to help him SO much though, its a hard task he has set out to do! I know that the Lord will help him!

Transfers are this week. I don`t know If I will stay or go, but I trust that whatever happens, I will be where the Lord needs me to be!

I know that God lives, and that he loves me. I have seen his hand so much in my life, and I KNOW that he watches and guides and protects me. I know that he is in charge and that he will make everything turn out right, if we trust in Him!

Did I mention I love my mother?

Have the greatest of weeks everybody!

Elder McFardavid

Pila and Papusas

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