Monday, May 23, 2016

With Faith In Every Footstep

I haven't used that title before, have I?
Oh well.
It's kinda an ugly thing when you fall into a routine. so this week we tried to up the anty and get work done! we saw a lot of little miracles as we worked hard with our less active members and looked for a lot of news!
One miracle came as we went out to work with the Chavez family in our ward. We went with them to visit another family, a less active one, named the Zalazar family. Doors were opened where they had never been opened for us before and we finally met the wife and one of the sons, Angel. Angel is not a member, yet, although he absolutely loves going to church and being with the members. We are currently working with him and hope his example and faith will help his whole family come back! Several Baptisms are possible.
The next is an inactive member named sister Loli! She yelled to us in the street ``Elders`` and we stopped to talk to her. She hasn`t been to church in 20 years but she told us she wants to come back! She has a 20 year old son who isn`t a member. he has a broken leg but says as soon as the cast is off he'll come to church!
Sometimes I wish I was better, wish I was more talented, wish I had more visible success, but then we talk with just the right family at just the right moment, and I know that God is here, and that he is guiding me in every aspect of the work!
I kinda burned my time writing my siblings today, so I`m all out, but know that I love you all and that I am praying for you!
I know that God lives!
and loves me too!
Have the greatest of weeks!

Elder McFarland

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