Monday, December 7, 2015

I went to Jessie`s dream job to feel less like Hannah did.

I`m sorry if only my immediate family gets that title.

Here`s another one.


So this week I went to the Temple!!!!!! we got on a bus and went to
San Salvador as a zone and went to do a session. I got to see lots of
my friends from the mission and even Elder Rojas again! it made me
happy to see him again!

I honestly love the temple. It is the most sacred and beautiful of all
places on earth. In the temple we have the opportunity to learn from
our Father in Heaven and to escape from the cares of the world.

Lots of people don`t understand why only active members can enter into
the temple. I really like what Our Search for Happiness says about
that. It explains that every person in the entire world is invited to
enter the temple, but, no unclean thing can enter into the presence of
God, so it is necessary that a person prepares to enter before they
can go in. They must be baptized and cleansed from their sins and
learn for at least one year about God and His true church. If they do
that anyone in the entire world can enter the temple:)

So we were in San Salvador almost all day that day(wednesday) and I
got my christmas packages and we went to Wendy`s(what does fast food
even exist still?) and I was happy.

Thursday my ears started to feel weird. It started in the left ear,
and I couldn`t really hear very much. I made the mistake of trying to
clean it with a Qtip. anyone that knows anything knows that is a huge
mistake, but I don`t know why I did it. Long story short I ended up
not being able to hear very much at all out of either ear, so Friday
we called sister Hintze and the mission nurse and ended up going all
the way to San Salvador AGAIN to see an ear doctor. turns out my ears
are completely clogged from a build up of ... wax... from the last
couple YEARS. He prescribed me some ear drops and I have to go back to
San Salvador AGAIN tomorrow for an ear wash. Yeah... embarassing.

But because of that this week has been really exhausting. Its hard to
hear things and we`ve traveled a LOT and walked a lot. God helped me
make it through it all though, and so we saw a lot of success despite
all that!

The crowning moment of the week was Saturday night. Natali (the
daughter of Juana, one of our eternal investigators) was baptized!!!!
She had started asking us when she was going to be baptized, and her
mom finally let her be baptized! it was a really happy night, and it
motivated Juana to want to be baptized even more! the only problem is
that her boyfriend(who is a member and they are living together(not
the 15 year olds I talked about last week they are like 40 years old))
doesn`t want to get married yet! I know that she will get baptized we
just have to get them to feel the spirit telling them its time!!

So it was a really good week, even if I didn`t hear super well.

God gives us experiences so that we learn to become more like Him. He
helps us to know how we can improve. He allows us to go through trials
so we get stronger.

I`m so happy. I love being a missionary. I love my family. I love my
area. I love life. This morning I decorated my apartment for
christmas. It makes everything so great!

I love you all, have a great week!!!

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