Monday, December 14, 2015

this might be my weekly email

David Oscar McFarland

Dec 14 (7 days ago)
to me
Who really knows what truth is anyways

ok so now that your all confused here´s the story. My companion is
super sick and had to have surgery today, so I am in the mission
office right now writing a little bit. I´m not sure if I will be able
to write more later so this might be my weekly email.

Super quick version of the week: We worked really hard,found a couple
new references, are planning a mega baptsims the 25 and are calling it
a White Chritmas, my comp got sick, we had an open house activity and
the temple, we had stake conference. I learned that Tithing is not a
temporal law, but a spiritual one and so its blessings are primarily
spiritual, although the temporal ones still come.

That´s my week, I hope to be able to send more, sorry for the shortness!

Elder McFarland

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