Monday, December 21, 2015

oz pedal iced: in which my long week gets even longer

Attached is a photo of everything I did this week. Everything
now, after you figure out my mad gad, and before you freak out no I
was not the one who was in the oz pedal. After my companion`s surgery
we were there in the hospital until the AP`s drove us home tuesday
night. I ate free food from President, and really enjoyed Wendy`s,
McDonald`s, Taco Bell, and Subways. It was the first time eating
McDonalds and Taco Bell in the mission

So that was a pretty big landmark.

So after the surgery the doctor ordered my comp to rest for a whole
week. yup, a whole week. The first day was pretty fun, I cleaned the
house, finished half of Alma, played christmas music on my little
guitalele, and had our food brought to us by the cocinera

The next day was even better, because it was the mission Christmas
party, so we got to leave the house for half the day.

Then it got better.

The plan was for me to go out on splits with some members and get some
work done, but I started feeling a little weird, and it got a little
worse, and by the time I got to our house I pretty much collapsed on
my bed and slept the rest of the day. Until about 3 in the morning. I
woke up shiviring, well... shaking. I had a fever and I was cold. I
put on a jacket(keep in mind, its not winter here and I don`t even own
a jacket(there was one in the house)) and slept fine till morning.

In the morning I woke up, the fever had broken(I was covered in sweat)
but my body ached, my back and my stomach. But, de todos modos I was
going to go out for the day and do splits. I called the ward mission
leader, and he said he would call me back and tell me who could go out
with me. He never called back. It was probably a good thing  cuz I
started feeling sick again. So... I slept somemore.

I eventually reached a point where i just wasn`t tired anymore, so we
played uno, ate food, played guitar, and after a long day. Went to

3 in the morning. High fever again. this time I feel hot. Body hurts, not tired.

4 in the morning. Sleep.

Saturday I was a little better. I called the nurse and Sister Hintze
and they said I might have a  little virus called Zica, It`s short,
fun, and not dangerous, so they told me to keep taking
acetomenophen(dont`worry mom, drink lots of water, and good ol pepto.
They said that if it got worse or didn`t get better to call them.

I got better. after a blessing and faith and water.

Then today we went to Elder Torres` checkup and we can work again! I
can`t wait to get out this week and preach the gospel!


This letter has been super negative up to now!! I`m so happy and this
week was a blessing although it was rough at times. I`m a lot closer
to my goal of finishing the BoM in spanish before the end of the year,
the house is clean, I no longer feel tired, I`m not sick. I got to
sing a lot, I got Christmas presents from my family, I didn`t have to
walk all day in the sun. I got to eat lots of food. I am a missionary,
we are having a white Christmas this week(throw in a couple prayers
and faith right there, i`ll cover the works part:) and.....


God is behind everything, Everything shall work for our good( that
doesn`t mean everything is good)

Have a great week

Elder McFarland

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