Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week four or whateva

Time flies so fast.

I'm gunna write a couple of short letters this week because we are having troubles with power outages here at the stake center in Sonsonate and I'm worried if I type a long letter I'll lose it.

This week we had a surprise baptism! I'm gunna write about it in the third letter though to build suspense. This letter is gunna be some specific cool things for each of my
family members about El Salvador, but I hope you all know that you are important even if I only am telling my family stuff!

Lets start from the bottom:


All the little niños here have one favorite past time: flying
kites. They have this vicious little game where everyone tries to break the string to everyone else's kites (only while the two of them are flying them) by wrapping their kite string around the other in the air. Whoever wins ends up with two kites instead of one.

Hannah: There are so many animals here. Mainly dogs though. They wander the streets, live in the garbage, live in people's houses, they are just everywhere. and there is every type and age of dog just kinda living there life with all the people. Its kinda sad sometimes... I think of you and your love for all the animals every time I see one. Also they have kittens and turtles just wandering around in the member's houses.

Tyler: The Salvadoreños have the weirdest Spanish, am I right? there's can be h's or they just don't say them. I consider myself pretty much fluent in spanish but not until you tell me what the word puchica means. Also you're willing to challenge my claim to fluency, and only when you approve will I consider myself fully fluent.

Jessie: the people here are really really bad at matching pitch. The women usually sing about a tritone above the men, but it can move anywhere from a third to a sixth. lower is usually better. also the pianist in our ward only plays one note in the base hand, and usually the fifth of the key....

Dad: In Spanish there is a grammatically correct distinction between anybody and nanybody. Nuff said

Mom: Our investigator Juana reminds me a lot of you. not that she looks like you or even talks in the same language, i dunno, something about her always makes me think of how much I love my mom. Every time we talk to a mother I think of you, and when they talk about their missionaries... I feel like I'm making you proud:)

 Sometimes I'm pretty sure I hear gunshots, but my companion always assures me that it is a firework. I'm not always convinced

Also, to Cardon and everyone else that ever made fun of me for it...

I can roll my r's

Love you all

Elder McFarland

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