Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 4 part 2

So I lied about the three emails, I'm just going to send two.

So here's the promised story about our surprise baptism.

So there is this kid named William.

Two sets of missionaries ago he was about to be baptized.(he's ten) but when he got in the water he got really scared and backed out. We've been teaching him for the whole time we've been here but everytime the day gets close he gets scared again and won't say a word to us.

On Friday I went on exchanges with the assistants to the president for one hour and I was with Elder Coates, and we were going to go and teach William. The plan was to commit him to baptism the 10th of this month. Well, that was the plan until I started talking to Elder Coates. He taught me that with people like William the only problem is fear, and so waiting will just make it worse. We challenged him to be baptized
the very next day (Saturday) He was kind a hesitant but Elder Coates was positive and firm. He didn't take no for an answer, and said that we would come pick him up the next day. His abuela, while she gave her permission, was kinda negative and doubted he would actually go through with it. you could tell he was a bit afraid of her, and not just the water and the people.

So we were praying for a miracle. We went by his house the next day but he was at his aunt's house three houses away. his aunt is a member! So we got to talk to him without his super negative grandma and we told him we were going to take him to be baptized right then!! he got excited but was still hesitant. We promised to give him a tie. He came
with us!

Next came the hardest part, talking to his abuela. She fully gave her permission but only if "he wanted to" so she asked him in a way that was kinda making him doubt, but he said yes to her!!! he overcame his fear.

We went to the chapel and baptized him with just us and the bishop present(cuz he fears crowds too)

Also the sisters in our district had a baptism for a family of 3 that day, I had the privilege of baptizing 2 of them

It was a day of miracles.

Lots of times, we think that miracles are when we move mountains or calm stormy seas. True, those miracles are possible, and they even happen when they are necessary for the salvation of men. But, the more miraculous miracles happen inside of a person. With the same faith used to move literal mountains, mountains of doubt and fear are lifted
and dispelled from our lives. With the same power of God that parted the Red Sea, torrents of sin and anguish that wash over our sin bound should are calmed by the Savior's ever outstretched hand with the calming commandment "Peace, Be Still." Miracles happen in our day. They
happen EVERY day. They happen through faith and the power of God here on the earth.

I believe in miracles.

I invite you to believe also, and by your faith you will see them.

I love you all

Elder McFarland

These are some photos of the volcano and our house(kidding mom that is 
just a little hut thing we found. Also the baptism and the El Sal Temple (we just were visiting nearby, we still haven't gotten to go through it yet).

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