Monday, September 14, 2015

Que chivo, va!

This week was really fast.

I always knew, and people always told me, but I never really believed,
that the mission would go by fast. The first week was really long, but
after last week it has started to pick up fast!

We have a Baptism this Saturday!!! An old lady that the old
missionaries taught that started coming to church only recently. She
has a really hard life. Her kids pretty much abandoned her and her
health sucks and she`s like 70 so its hard for her to work. That`s
what I love about being a missionary. that we are here, sent
specifically to help people. Telling them that God loves them and that
he has a plan for them. there`s nothing better. Please pray for her.

Also pray for Juana and Natalie. Juana is a lady that the old
missionaries found that we pretty much started all the teaching from.
Natali is her 9 year old daughter. Juana lives with a less active
member, but they aren`t married, but she has been really receptive and
has already come to church like 6 times(including those with the other
missionaries) Our goal is next Saturday for her baptism.

El Salvador is pretty crazy. There are gangs, and slangs, and
occasionally I hear bangs(but they`re usually fireworks because their
independence day is tomorrow) i love it here though. Im learning how
to hold out decent conversations that aren`t lessons, and my spanish
is sufficient for almost all understanding and talking purposes. I get
tired though after a long time of it and then my spanish starts to

ok so the story I promised last week.
we were standing out here in the boonies of our semi suburbian area
when my companion turned to me and said(in spanish and I`m translating
of course


Here walked Alma. Here walked Amulek. Here walked Ammon, Aaron, Omner,
and Himni. Here walked Captain Moroni, Here walked Helaman.

And now.

Here walk us.

Doing the same work they did: The Work of God.`

These people are literal descendents of Lehi, and I`m here as a
fulfilment of the promise God made that a remnant of the Laminites
would receive the fullness of the Gospel.

Thats my job

I am a literal representative of Jesus Christ among these people. God
sends me to specific people so I can say a specific message to them. I
feel that. I am humbled by that. I know this isn`t my work. It`s His.

God wants us all to return to Him, and in that effort, we need to have
a sense of urgency. Lots of people here go to lots of different
churches because they are `nice` or because they are `good` We know
that the Gospel is far more crucial than that. It is ESSENTIAL in our
ETERNAL SALVATION. we need to remember that. This is life eternal, we
need to be careful.

God is good. In preach my gospel it says(more or less I cant remeber
the exact wording) that prayer takes work, and that if we put in the
work, we receive so many blessings.

Put in the work

TALK to your Heavenly Father

He will help you

I promise that

Have a great week

stay chivo(Salvadorenean word for cool)

Elder McFarland

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