Monday, September 7, 2015

Las Delicias, Sonsonate, El Salvador

This is the story of the time I failed to leave a country:

So here's what happened.

We got on the bus a week ago Tuesday to come to El Sal.

I don't know what you all know about Guatemala right now, but long story short we drove about an hour and a half and then had to turn around because of some protests and demonstrations.

We thought we would have to go back to the CCM
It worried me, I didn't WANT to go back.

But then we drove around in circles in Guatemala for about half an hour, and after a long time of not knowing what was going on we stopped at the airport, and we met a church travel agent guy from Guatemala, and he bought all 25 of us tickets and payed for our baggage. The church has resources.

Anyways we waited for 6 hours in the airport and then took a half an hour flight to El Sal, where we met the AP`s and went to a church. Each of us got dinner and about a 1 minute interview with the president because we were so late, we stayed with all 20 of the Elders that came with us and a bunch that were leaving, so it was a full house. me and 3 other Elders spread out two mattresses on the floor
and slept there. Que raro...

Anyways the next day we got our companions. My papi`s name is Elder Rojas. He`s been here for 20 months, and he`ll probably die as my companion. fun. he is a killer missionary, and I`m going to learn a lot from him. I already have.

So I understand about 85 percent of the Spanish, but sometimes there are people that I just don't understand a single word they say. It's the young men. They mumble and use slang and I don`t get a word of it.

I have a cool story, but I want to wait till I can send a picture for the full effect. You'll all just have to imagine how cool it is. till then. HA, sorry, but you`ll hear the story next week.

I`ve learned a lot about life this week. I live in a dangerous
country, surrounded by people that I only recently can understand, the food can be dangerous, the sun cooks us always, but.... I'm happy. I'm so very happy. When I`m obediently working in God's work, all those things don't matter. I pray hard, I work hard, and I have faith God will help me.

Sorry, but I don`t have tons of time to write this week, but pictures and more stories will come next week, I promise:)

I love you all, pray this week that you can find someone to serve and teach the gospel. I promise those people are out there, but you need to find them and love them.

Have such a great week, I promise if I didn`t respond to your email that i read it, I just only have limited time to type.

Love the Lord

Love your neighbor

Love yourself

All three are necessary,

Be good, Do good.

Elder McFarland

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