Monday, June 19, 2017

Some Stories

First off I'd like to make an official apology for not being very good in writing letters/stories these last couple of weeks.

Like always, I like to tell my stories centered on people.

Mariah Cazares: 

about 3 weeks ago during Elders Quorom, the Elders Quorom President did an activity. Instead of doing the normal Lesson, he divided up the Brothers in the class, and assigned them some families to go and visit, and we all left to go see why some people hadn't come to church!

I went with Bro. David Sandoval and Bro. Guillermo Vazquez to go and visit a young recent convert named Sergio Cazares. Sergio is 18, has been a member for almost a year, and is one of 2 convert baptisms in this area in the last year. Bro. Sandoval gave the reference to the missionaries, so he has a good friendship with the family.

We knocked on the door, and met Mariah. Mariah is Sergio's mother. She is a single mom, trying to raise her 2, 18 and 20 year old boys in a country that is CRITICAL for teenage young men. She is very level headed, and very intelligent. We taught a brief lesson with her, and Bro. Sandoval invited her to come to church the next week, She came!

After church I talked with her, and she told us she had talked with the bishop, and made a decision to come to church EVERY week to support her son as a new member! 

The hard part with her is that she works ALL day Monday to Friday, so only Saturdays and Sundays can we see her. 

But she came to church again yesterday, just as she had promised us, and Saturday and Sunday we were able to teach her 2 more lessons and invite her to be baptized. At first, she didn't know what to think, but then you could tell that she started to think more seriously about it. Sundayshe reassured us that she will PROBABLY be baptized, but she needs to talk i over more with her 2 sons. 

I know she will become a faithful member of the Lord's church.

Isaac Campos

During one of our first weeks together, E. Robles and I were out knocking doors. We really had a desire to find someone to teach who would receive us and come to church. We decided to pray in the street and ask God which door to knock on. 


Nothing. I am used to the answer not coming immediately, so we began to walk. We saw a door, and it "Kinda" felt right. We knocked.

No one answered. 

but then we noticed a small crossing by the house where we could get to the street behind that one, and we crossed over found a cute little house. We knocked. Out came Isaac, a young teenager. We talked to him and he let us in. 

We saw he had been sweeped up leaves and decided to help him finish. Afterward we taught him Lesson 1 and he agreed to come to church. He came. 

in the last 4 weeks he has been progressing up and down, and he's been to church twice, and yesterday we had a great lesson with him his mom, and the young mens president. I have a lot of faith that the whole family(which consists only of him and his Mom) will accept the church!

English Class

Every Thursday and Friday from 6-7 is English class. Bryan Barrera(super fun returned missionary about my same age!) is the teacher, and he does a really great job!

This last week we contacted a responsable, level headed father named Roberto Castillo. his son is in an English Immersion school, and he wants his son to Practice, so we invited him to the class, and they came! you know when you can just tell that a person will progress in the future? yeah, I know they will!

Elder Robles and I were a little sick this week, but we keep fighthing hard! it's a pleasure to be a missionary

I love you all so much!

Have an amazing week!

Elder McFarland

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