Monday, June 26, 2017

Single Digits

I've reached the point where it would be unwise to ignore it any longer. Unfortunately, I have to face the reality... I'm not going to Belize next change

haha, I mean, yeah, I could, but... I'm coming home. 

It's kind of sad, but actually I'm excited about it. 

It's the beginning of a new era. 

It's been my goal for a long time to leave everything on the table. To not have any regrets. And although I still have one week left to prove it. I feel content with the work that God has given me. My fingers pretty much have the muscle memory DOWN from typing it so much, but.

I love being a missionary. 

This week was a great one. Each day we left with the determination to bless someone's life, and, I have felt the guidance of the Spirit helping me day after day. We've had some rough days. for example,

Saturday: we had a FULL day planned with some KILLER appointments, including with the Cazares fam, who I told you about last week. the appointment with them was the first one after lunch. 1:00 pm. At 12:58 we showed up at their house, which is at the bottom of a HUGE hill. Turns out that she had to go to work on emergency call, so we had to put a return appointment for Sunday. The back up plan, nothing. As we headed over to our 2:00 plan(at the bottom of another hill) we saw the 2:00 plan drive past on their motorcycle, and we knew they weren't going to be home. it was now 1:20. By 2:30, each one of our plans for the day had either called us our by some other means told us that they weren't going to be available. We walked up a LOT of hills and it seemed like nothing was working out. 

But you know what,

I was happy.

I've noticed a pattern here in this area. 

It is a lot of LITERAL, PHYSICAL ups and downs. Hills, stairs, etc. But like I told E. Robles starting on day 1, I'm grateful for that, because, I have lost weight and gained some pretty sick calf muscles. The hills provide for STUNNING views. And the people here are amazing and loving. I am grateful for the physical ups and downs.

In addition, this change has had a lot of EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL ups and downs. But if you could see my spiritual calves... haha, I think I've lost some spiritual weight as well! Due to the perspective that I've gained now that I reach the summit of this Mission-Mountain, the views are STUNNING, and I am grateful to the Lord for all of his tender mercies. I know that he has been there for each up, and each down. 

I am grateful for the emotional, and even the spiritual, ups and downs. 

The good luck started Saturday night when we found a great little family to teach-the Rivas Contreras family, this older couple, that was receptive and I believe will progress and we took it running into SundaySunday we had an AMAZING lesson with the Bishop and his wife and the Cazares family, in which we made all the plans necessary for MARIA'S BAPTISM THIS WEEK. She is so determined in her decision, and I am very happy for her!

We found 2 more people to teach as well, E. Robles will have a pretty good teaching pool for next change with whoever his new comp is!

Spiritual up.

I've learned that the ups ALWAYS come after the downs.

I bear testimony that God loves us, and that his plan is perfect!

Love you all,

Have the greatest of weeks!

Elder McFarland

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