Friday, February 17, 2017

It's a good week to be a missionary :)

Getting ready for Changes week. Already. 

These next 2 weeks are gunna be crazy ones. Starting Monday it's the last week before changes. Also it happens to be the end of the month. Which means it's also countdown week. Took advantage of the relative calm this week to prepare myself for what's coming!

We've been working like mad in the area this week. Our people are starting to progress and I'm really happy with the ward and the members and how things are going there. Always ways to improve, but I'm not complaining. 

Last sunday we had a surprise when we showed up at church and the Stake President was there. We were happy because Claudia and Jose had told us they were coming to church to see Stephany give a talk, and we know that the two of them really love hearing President Markland(Stake Pres) speak. So we were stoked about that, and then we saw the second counselor to the Stake Presidency show up. His dad is in our ward, so we were still like, ok that's cool, but still more or less normal. Then the first counselor walked in, and we were like, somethings up. What ended up happing was that they reorganized our bishopric, and now we have a new bishop!

So The new Bishopric ended up speaking, and not Stephany, but the Maldonados were still thrilled. Claudia showed up on time, but Jose had to take their son to work so he came in right after the sacrament. 

Also, Stephany is speaking this week on Sunday so they'll be there again.

Also, Claudia told us to make an appointment to go and see them next Thursday for a special occasion, but it's no ones birthday, not a holiday, and we can't figure out the special occasion... more to come on that one...

Anyways, it was a good week, and another one to come.

Pics on the way.

Go out and give someone a hug. Do some service. Help someone to be happy.

Have the greatest of weeks

Elder McFarland

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