Friday, February 3, 2017

A whole nother great week!

Last week was assignment money week, Elder McFarland does a lot of work BEFORE people get their money.

This week was assignment money week 2, Elder McFarland does a lot of work and solves people's problems AFTER people get their money.

It's a lot different being in the office than in the normal field. It's got all the same stuff with just a lot more... Stuff!

This week in our Area we have had a bit of a change. A little more focus on New Investigators turned out to be just what the Doctor ordered, and we have found several great potentials to go follow up with!

One is an old investigator named Edgardo. He attended church for a year! The hard part is it seems like he already kinda has an idea of what he chose to do, but we're going to give him a shot and see where things go!

One is a young man named Erick! We're going to try to teach his Uncle and Aunt that live with him too, but the first time we went, he was super positive and you could see a light in his eyes!

Another is half of a young couple. haha, well actually it's both of them, but one of them is already a member, just inactive. Kevin is the member, and Lorena is the investigator. She is expecting a baby, and she spends a lot of time reading the Bible and doing other reading.

So as you can see, we've got some good people to teach this next week! And of course we always have our more seasoned investigators Claudia and Jose Maldonado, and Dora! they are doing great, but they're progress is a little slower. No problem though, just teach as many people as you can!!!

Yesterday we had a unique experience. 

The AP's called us two days ago at night to let us know that a member in their ward had an uncle who was very sick. He is currently hospitalized in the Military Hospital(which just so happens to be in our area). The AP's asked us to go and give him a blessing so we did!

First time entering in to a hospital to visit someone who isn't a missionary. 

We walked in and there was a solemn spirit in the room. The wife of the sick man looked really shaken and worried, and her son showed us in and welcomed us. The member explained to them a little about who we were(the sick man and his family are NOT members) and we gave the man a blessing. I was the voice of the blessing, and I felt a very solemn spirit as we gathered around his hospital bed to give him a blessing. I don't think he is going to make it. In the blessing he was promised peace and love, and that he would be able to help his family from whichever side of the veil he was on! What a special experience!

We gave his wife a blessing to and promised to send the sister missionaries that are assigned to where she lives to go and visit her.

I felt like we were where we were supposed to be. 

So anyways, that's my takeaway for all of you this week. 

Just try to be where God wants you to be, when he wants you to be there :)

Love you all and hope you have the greatest of weeks!

Elder McFarland!

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