Friday, January 27, 2017

Finance Countdown

No that is not a "baggy" title. hopefully you'll understand it by the end of this email. 

But first let's talk about not-office things!

I think this week I wanna give a shoutout to all the Elders that I live with, so get ready.

First we'll start with:

Elder Cruz. He is a skinny little missionary from Honduras who is 22 years old. He is a convert of only like 2 years(one of the which he has spent here in this country) and he is super funny! He has a really thick accent when he tries to speak English that he thinks is hilarious! He always laughs at his own jokes, and you can NOT help but laugh along. He is the Housing and Records Secretary, and he does his job really well! He's new in the office and he is the very first Housing secretary in our mission! He has been working like crazy to get everything up to date, and I usually end up working a lot with him because our jobs are very often interconnected.

Elder Mayen. You should know him. He is my son. I really love this guy so much! We talk about Zaragoza literally all the time. Talking with him and Elder Cruz really makes me feel like a Latino sometimes. Elder Mayen has taught me a lot about the culture and the language and I just love talking in Spanish and also helping him to learn English. Here he is the Immigration Secretary and makes sure that everyone is legal in the country. I'm teaching him to play the piano right now and so that's super fun! We joke around a lot. He's got a bad ankle so sometimes that's super hard for him! We are super similar but at the same time we are super different

Elder Jenks. He's kinda new so I don't know as much about him as I do the others, but this week I spent 2 days with just him when Elder Hallman had to go cover for a sick missionary in Sonsonate in the area he started in.( I was trying to not be jealous) And so I got to get to know Elder Jenks a little bit better! He is totally a country boy! He was raised on a farm and knows how to work! He loves country music and he has got a great sense of humor and an even greater laugh! We will be companions for 2 more changes after this one, so I'm excited to get to know him REALLY well.

Elder Hallman. after 2 changes I feel like I know him really well. Both him and Elder Mayen it feels like I've known them for a really long time. We were in the same MTC district, same first Zone, same group that went to Belize. Haha, unlike Elder Jenks, Elder Hallman is a true and true City boy. From Salt Lake City, he is a lot more tech savvy and instagram famous and all that stuff. I feel like we totally would've hung out before the mission. we have a lot of the same tastes and beliefs. He is really an amazing missionary and a great person. It was weird when he went to Sonso and for the first time in 2 changes we WERENT companions for a day. I'm gunna miss the guy.

Anyways. I'm kinda running out of time

But in the office this week I was super busy and tired and stressed. 4 days before the missionaries get payed I go through what is called the Auto Support Countdown. I pretty much have 4 days to make sure that everyone get's payed correctly and that Belize people get their extra money and that Lost Cards and Visa Waiters get attended to and so forth. It's a lot of work, on top of the normal stuff. 

haha, this week Elder Cruz and I had to take an emergency trip to Ciudad Arce to fix a housing emergency, which only added to the stress of the week but did make for a great story(I'll have to tell you the details in person one day...)

Anyways though, It's over!

This week is over and I'm ready to start another great one!

Please pray for Claudia and Jose Maldonado. They are progressing so much but need always that extra push!
Also please pray for Dora Alvarez and for us to find more new people to teach!

Also if you've read the announcements about the new missionary changes, I'm the first to send an email about it I think! I know that the changes are inspired!!!!!!

I love you all and hope that you are well!

Have the greatest of weeks!

Elder McFarland

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