Monday, February 22, 2016

Sara Joys: in which everything gets flipped on its head and spun around


So turns out I didn`t stay in Las Delicias. Tuesday morning the AP`s called me and told me I had to clean everything out of the house because they were cleaning my area and sending sisters there instead of Elders. They told me both me and my son were having changes and that we needed to clean really well or president would be angry. So the Zone leaders Elder Gustavus and Elder Sanchez came with Elder Ostler and his son Elder Delcompare to help us clean. We ordered pizza and it was a good going away party.

So now I`m in a branch called Zaragoza. If you didn`t get my joke in the title please look up the meaning of the word Gozar in spanish. Its a huge change. 

For the first part it is more city life than I am used to. Everyone has cars and phones and a lot more money than my other area. There are still poor parts, but there are hardly any dirt roads. I feel like I`ve come to a whole different world. Also this area has a lot more hills in it than my other one.

so Zaragoza is a like the equivalent of american fork, a smallerish city in between two larger cities, but instead of Salt Lake and Provo its San Salvador and Puerto de la Libertad. most of the people that live here aren`t here during the day because they are in one of the two cities working. 

The hard part about that is that the members are really really busy with their work, or at least the ones that would otherwise be able to help us. the other part of the branch is fully asleep. They come to church late and leave as soon as it is over. They hardly talk to anyone and its just kinda sad. So... We have a lot of work cut out for us. Our game plan is activate the active members first and then work on the rest of the branch, My goal is to get the branch organized so that the members take it upon themselves to make this branch into a ward. i know its so possible.

As for my investigators I inherited a goldmine. We have 7 baptismal dates right now.

The first one is named Edgardo. He is 17 years old but he is super mature for his age. He understands the Gospel and is changing his whole life to be more like Jesus Christ. He gets baptized this Saturday!!!

Another is named Emilio. His dad is a recent convert, and he is about 35 years old. He wants to have the blessings of God in his life, and is changing a lot to progress to be baptized in March.

Jose Alberto. He reminds me a little of Dad. Well, between Jose Alberto and Edgardo`s dad you get my dad. Super kind and funny and has the best heart. He only needs to come to church 1 more time and he is more than ready to be baptized the 5th of March.

Isabel. Don`t know her super well yet but pray that she and her husband will be able to get married and baptized.

Carolina De Leon. Super sweet mom. She has 3 kids and just wants to do the best for her life. Has members that are her family, but I`m not exactly sure the relation. she only needs to come to chruch 1 more time too!

Jose Franco knows the church is true. but he told us he doesn`t want to get baptized until christmas eve. Wow thats a long ways away. We`re going with him again tonight.

another is a lady named blanca. She has a lot of good desires but its hard for her to act and put it into practice, but she always keeps her committments so that is really amazing.

Please pray for those 7 people that they will have the spirit that they need to act according to what they already know. I know that your prayers help my investigators.

Also pray for your missionary friend elder McFarland

As for my comp, he is so sweet!!!! I am a stepdad now! Although I dont get to finish Elder Perez`s training, I get to finish the training of Elder Mayen! He is really cool and we have a LOT in common. The coolest thing I know about him from before the mission is that his name is Elvis Abinadi Mayen, and that he worked 12 hours every day as a DJ. What the awesome?!?

so this change is going to be really awesome. I am going to work until I literally cannot work any harder. I can`t wait. 

Do you know what the key to happiness is?
we teach it in a lesson Elder Torres and I prepared that teaches one of the missionary lessons in a powerful way.

the key to happiness is found in mosiah 2:41. but I`ll let you do your research to find out what it is. Let me know if you find it, and next week I`ll describe it a bit more!!

I love the Lord, and I know that hehas a plan for each and every one of us. Sometimes we think we know what we need/want, but he know better than us what we need to be in our life!

Thank you, Master Gardner.

If you didn`t get that reference please look up the Current Bush mormon message. Its called, The Will of God.

The church is true!

 Don`t forget that God loves you!!!!

Elder David

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