Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Before you wonder what that title means just remember that sometimes I don´t tell you until the letters almost over. I´m not quite sure when I´ll tell you this week. But hey. We´ll find out together. 

Let´s start with why I didn´t get to send a group email last week. Once upon a time 7 days ago I was sitting in a ciber cafe writing my emails. I had just finished writing my friends and was in the process of writing my family members and weekly letter. when all of a sudden, this guy came up and started talking to me. I politely responded and tried to drop a hint that I was busy. He kept talking. Throughout the course of 30 to 45 minutes he was talking to me about everything from religion(missionaries always direct the conversation towards that sort of thing) to music. I´m too patient. I couldn´t find it in myself to tell this guy to please go away and let me write. so there I was barely finishing my weekly letter when my district began to pay for their computers and finish up. It was past time to go. and. The power turned off. I lost the whole letter and the computer didn´t turn back on for me to send some sort of a letter to say whats up. So theres why, if youre wondering.

I´m growing more and more fond of Sonsonate(the name of the city I´m in, Las Delicias is like a neighborhood in the bigger city(just imagine Harlem or Queens but on a smaller, countryside level.)) We went on exchanges with the zone leaders last week and I already knew a great portion of the less actives and investigators we visited, because I´ve already been on exchanges there so much! I went with our Zone leader Elder Gustavus(from Utah)  And I learned alot!

But really I noticed this week that I am a part of this city. I was born here. its where I began my mission, and I can´t imagine being anywhere else. It has become such a big part of who I am and what I stand for. Really and truly I can say that I love this place and this people. 

Now the title line explanation. In the Native language of El Salvador:nahuat, Sonsonate means city of the coconuts. and someone that is from sonsonate( like an american is from america) in nahuat is zenzontlat. I really and truly feel proud to say I´m a zenzontlat.

As for the work, Its going really well. Norma didn´t get baptized because she hasn´t fixed her problems with the law of chastity yet. It´s really heart breaking because I know she knows that the church is true, I know she knows she needs to get baptized, and the worst part? She wants to get baptized. I know it and I can see it in her eyes. Its just really hard for her to change. I know she´ll do it and that its possible through the power of the Atonement. 

Oscar and Vilma are doing good(I´m pretty sure I´ve told you about them) theyre the family we found that had already heard the missionaries and who the husband said after we invited him to baptize just 5 minutes after meeting him´´yeah i think its time, but I´m not gunna do it just to do it, I´m gunna do it right!´´ Yeah its a real miracle. 

I love the Lord. In Him my soul delights. Upon his word I ponder day and night. 

I really love that song(I love the Lord by Mack Wilberg) it is my testimony for this week.

I know that God loves us!!

Have the greatest of weeks!

Elder McFarland

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