Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The raging fury

This week was a sick week. Not for me, luckily I was fine, but for
about 50 elders and sisters this week, it was a sick week. They called
it the Double Headed Dragon (dont think about that too hard or youll
get it...) but I liked to call it the raging fury, becasue it seemed a
little less harsh. As District Leader I felt a huge desire to help all
6 or so Elders in my District that got sick. All I could do for them
though was be positive and show love to them. We thought it was food
poisoning at first, but it spread like wildfire. Wednesday was a weird
day, It felt more like we were in a hospital than the CCM. My
companion was one of the ones that got sick, so I was on ´´exchanges´´
with Elder Harris for that whole day. By Friday everyone was better.
It was weird.

It just goes to show how much Satan hates us here. He HATES it when we
do good... That motivates me to do even better. Nothing can stop the
work of God. It is an unstoppable stone rolling down the hill. It will
fill the whole earth. Im lucky to be a part of it.

We have a lot of classes here at the CCM, so there aren´t too many
stories of contacting or other things. But there are a lot of small
things that are hilarious.

Like our teachers for example. Hermana Cuque and Hermano Bajan. They
are So great. They push us so hard. We've already memorized more of
the required scriptures than most of the missionaries that have been
here two weeks longer than us. I don´t say that to brag, just to show
how much our teachers push us.

We´ve taught 3 investigators(our teachers) so far. Pablo, Max, and
América. We were teaching Pablo the first couple weeks, and every
night Hermano Bajan would tell us that he was going on a date, and
then he would leave. We then would go teach Pablo...

Haha but then one day Hermano Bajan just frankly told us that Pablo
had died. Died. My first investigator. Haha it was awesome. So now we
have two new investigators(Max and América)

My main problem in lessons is that I talk too much. I just care so
dang bad for these investigators that I want them to understand. My
companion didn´t take as much Spanish as me in school, so sometimes
its a little too easy for me to just... Talk. We are getting so much
better though. His Spanish is improving super fast and we are learning
to teach with power and authority.

Have you ever heard a Hispanic Donald Duck? Pato Donald they call him,
and one of my friends that just left today(a Latino) named Elder Cubas
does the PERFECT impressonation of him. Its hilarious.

What I have learned this week, and what I am still striving for with
all my might, is how to give everything to God. As a missionary, you
have to give your all, 24/7, because thats all you got. 2 years. Every
single second, every single lesson, every single day has eternal
effects. ETERNAL effects. If it takes a family 3 more generations to
join the church becasue I didnt do all that I could, how would I feel?
Not good. On the flipside though, if I gave EVERYTHING to God these
two years, and didnt get a single baptism, I would feel proud. Proud
because I did EVERY SINGLE LAST THING I COULD. Thats the kind of
missionary I want to be. I dont want to be David McFarland the
missionary. I want to be ELDER David McFarland, the missionary. The
only difference between the two is that David McFarland only has his
own strength. Elder David McFarland can have the complete power and
authority of God.

Thats the kind of missionary Im trying my best to be.

But it doesn´t only apply to missionary work. If you do something,
ANYTHING, just by yourself. Its just your strength versus the world.
But align your will with Gods and... Just think of what the word
Omnipotence means.

That is my testimony this week. Don´t try to do it alone. Use Christ´s
Atonement to Empower you to do miracles. Miracles.

Yo sé que Dios me ama. yo sé, que Jesucristo murió por mi, por usted,
y por todo el mundo. Y por eso, todos de nosotros podemos ser salvados
en el reino de Dios. Podemos vencer cualquier cosa que vida nos da. Yo
sé estas cosas. Dios es Nuestro Padre Celsetial. Mediante Él, podemos
hacer todo.

This is my testimony, this is who I am

I hope I can share that with the world

Waz good

Elder David McFarland

from left to right it goes Elder Maxwell, me, Kreutzer, Lawrence, Harris, Hartwell 

(now bottom row) Gardner, Garfield, Gee, Hallman, Abilez, Ostler

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