Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Guat the mala is going on

I sure hope that joke made sense. 

If not, read the subject of this email 200 times or until you do :)

I had a really great week last week. I felt the missionary fire and I went nonstop. The Elders in my District are (by companionship):

Elders Ostler and Abilez
Elders Gardner and Garfield
Elders Harris and Hartwell
Elders Lawrence and Kreutzer
Elders Hallman and Gee
Elder Maxwell and Me


they are so fun to talk with, and my Spanish is getting a LOT better. We have a rule that we are only aloud to sit by and talk to Latinos at mealtime, and so I always do. They think us Nortes(Gringos, Americans, etc) are HILARIOUS. mostly because lots of the Elders don't speak much Spanish at all... But once you get to know them a little better and stuff they really help you speak the language!!! its awesome. some of my Latino friends are Elders Palaminos, Cedeño, Cubas, Chub, and Monzon. there awesome. They will only be here two weeks, and then we'll have to meet some new ones, but I'm excited for that!

My District is really close. I think that me and Elder Ostler probably wouldve been best friends if we had gone to the same school (not to diminish any of my actual best friends, i love you guys to pieces;) Both of us have a little bit better of a grip on Spanish (I think all of the "intermediate" missionaries are in our district, but they never actually told us so...) so the two of us chill with the Latinos MUCHO. see, Spanish. 

Haha but really Sunday afternoon was probably one of the most Spirtual experiences of my life. The Sacrament, District Study, and then a video by Elder Holland just made me literally on fire!!!! But that's when Satan works on us the most. Monday was weird. I just felt.... lost. I didn't have that same Spirit and I had to work really hard to focus. I did my absolute best, and I know that I will be blessed for it. I was able to have a good day despite it being a "bad" day, entiende? (understand?) Today we went to the Temple and I feel a lot better. It was awesome because our mission president officiated at our session, and the two districts that went were the only ones there. Its a small temple, but its beautiful. look it up. I can see it right now out the window of the CCM.

So the reason for no pictures. I'm not exactly sure, but I think what happened is that at one point in time they had a video end up on the internet of some Elders dancing around in their room, in their garments. Not ok. So I totally understand their caution. I'll send you whatever pictures I get(they took a couple for us in front of the Temple, and with our District, and stuff)

So there's a bar right next door to the CCM, so sometimes we go to bed listening to some really loud regatone(how do I spell that dad?) music.

I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and his Atonement. I know that I can be saved through his grace. I have faith that he will help me be a great missionary. I love the Lord, in him my soul delights. Look up that song by Mack Wilberg, its to the tune of Be still my soul. I love the Lord. That song is my testimony this week. 

Momma, your little boy is doin great. last week was one of the best weeks of my entire life. 

you rock everybody. stay awesome.

never forget that God can help anyone who comes to him in Faith.

I love you guys.

Waz good
La fuerza de El Salvador.
Tengan una buena semana

Elder David O McFarland

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