Tuesday, August 18, 2015

This Week

The days here blend together.

Didn't I just write home yesterday?

Ok, No time to waste.
In my time here as a missionary I've learned a lot of things.

First, there is nothing we can personally say that will bring
conversion to the heart of another person. The only thing we alone
could ever do is convince them logically.

Second, if we have the spirit, God will tell them through our words that he is there and that He loves them. conversion comes only through Christ and the Holy Ghost.

Its a pattern that I've noticed here.
Without God, we are nothing.
With God, we are everything.

The most powerful being in the entire universe, even God, will can be on our side. Is on our side. Will forever be on our side. With Him I can do anything. He needs me to.

I have started to feel that Spirit of Power here in the CCM. I have felt the Spirit testify to me and my Investigators here in the CCM that he is there. I have felt him guide me to become a pure tool in his work belt.

God's plan for us is perfect. PERFECT. If we know the plan, we can follow it. If we follow it, we can one day return to live with our Heavenly Father.

wow, there is so much I want to say, but as I said at the beginning. There is nothing I can personally say that will be of any worth. So i pray that the Spirit will be with me. God loves you. So much. He wants you to return to live in His
presence. He, the all powerful God. PLEADS with you to come unto Christ and partake of the power of his Salvation. There is no other way that we can find joy.

So if there is something you want in your life, something you need in your life, something you need to change in your life, someone you want to be in this life, or any other worthy and fervent concern you have...Turn to Jesus Christ. Please don't wait another day. Stop reading this email and Say a prayer to your loving Heavenly Father. Only He can provide you with what you are looking for. you will never find it in the world.
And He will answer you.

And then, once you know that it is true, please act on it. Please act on that testimony of faith and repent and let God make you whole. I know that through your faith it will happen.
and I KNOW this because he has done it for me. I have felt the sanctifying power of the Holy Ghost in my life, and I know it can be present in yours. God would say this to you himself, but instead he sends his missionaries to deliver the message.

He sent me.
I love you all, and I can't wait until I see you again.
Hasta vernos con el Rey.

Elder David Oscar McFarland

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