Friday, March 24, 2017

oo great of a week to be an accident

Last Weekend was Stake Conference, and let me just tell you that it was a GREAT one. Jose Maldonado came to the Saturday night session, but they didn't make it Sunday morning...

The Conference was a great way to start off a killer week!

Usually our busiest day of the week in the office. But we had an appointment at 3:00 that we really didn't want to miss, so we headed over early. We worked like mad, and had our weekly meeting with President Adams. We ended up getting to the area around 3:15, but the family told us to come back in 30 minutes, so we went looking for someone else to talk to in the meantime. We went to the houses of some less actives, but nobody was home. But we did see another person that we had contacted last week, just walking in the street, she told us that she really wanted us to come over and visit her and her family, and gave us her number. Then back with the first Sister, Elizabeth Garcia, she only had 15 minutes, but luckily we've been practicing teaching The Plan of Salvation a lot this week, and so we were able to give a very powerful 15 minute version that she really enjoyed! We got another return appointment. Next, we saw Edgardo Calderon, do you remember him? He is someone we found from the Area Book who is an eternal investigator. From the first lesson he told us several of the things that were keeping him back from getting baptized, he had attended church for 1 whole year before! But his reasons didn't seem convincing, and we knew there was something more. We've had several lessons with him, and every time he opens up a little more. And then Monday as we were talking to him we felt impressed to ask him a few specific questions, and he really started to open up! We kept talking and I think we finally reached the core of his problems. I felt an immense amount of Charity and understanding for him, as he realized that he CAN change, something that he had long since given up on. I know he'll make it! Afterwards, we had planned a Family Night with a recent convert and a member family, but the recent convert(Maria de Leon)'s 2 year old ended up falling asleep early and she didn't want to wake him, so we ended up just having the FHE with the Joaquins(the member family). Bro Joaquin is our ward mission leader, and a great member! His family is just as strong and impressive! We talked about Missionary Work, and had a great brainstorm with them about how THEY as members could be missionaries. The Spirit was strong and we came up with a HUGE list of things. One of them was an activity that we will be doing tomorrow as a ward. We are going to a local park where many people do exercize, and we are going to give our drinks and invitations to Conference next week! It was inspiring to see them take ownership of the activity. By the end of the night, the whole ward had been contacted, assignments made, and lots of people are on board!
That night we felt like kings of the world!


haha, I'll try not write a novel for this week, but I can't help it!
Tuesday we painted a house for another recent convert named Vanessa Araujo. She and her kids were grateful :) I love service! Afterwards we had an appointment with Sandra Alvarez. She is the mom of three Member girls, and this week we went over, and after a few inspired moments we finally met Sandra's boyfriend. He has always been kinda aloof, but Tuesday we finally met him and he is super cool! They've been together for a couple of years, and he is very  PILAS, as we say, very receptive and intelligent!

First Appointment. Elsi Orrelana, a contact that we made about a week and a half ago. We started teaching Lesson 1, and in the first couple of minutes she started bawling. She opened up and told us of some problems that she has been having with her family, and the Spirit filled the room. What followed was completely the spirit. There were times when our words stumbled, and I was sure she'd be confused, but every time she responded with evidence that she was learning and understanding. We talked about the Atonement, the Restoration, and many other things, and by the end of the hour she had accepted a baptismal date for the 22nd of April. I am sure that the Spirit did all the real teaching, because it went too perfectly to be any other way. Next we went looking around for people to listen, but at first nobody was home. we set some great return appointments though, and we even found a new family! This family is a family E. Maxwell had commented about, but told us not to go back cuz they weren't very positive. They were the exact opposite of what I expected. They committed to church and I'm excited for a return appointment with them Tonight! In the night time we had another great lesson with Sandra and her boyfriend Alberto. then afterward Bro. Joaquin came with us for a lesson with Dora Alvarez, which went really great!  Another day where we felt like kings

yesterday we had a great lesson with Lisett Rosales and her friend Gretta Moran. We started out planning on teaching Lesson 1, but at the begging of the lesson Gretta Blurted out "how can you guys believe when there is so much bad goes on in the world?" By the end of the lesson they confided in us that they have been going through a really rough week, and Gretta said she has been struggling to feel peace. We talked about the Fall of Adam and Eve, the Atonement, and I shared a story about my great grandpa Duke, encouraging them to think about their great grandkids, and the blessings their posterity could have for their sacrifice  When we left the house Gretta told us she felt calm and determined. They told us they can't wait till our next lesson! Then we saw a less active, and we got him pumped for Conference, as well as another active member, and finished off the night with Paula and Concepcion. Another great day.

I'm super sorry for the long letter, but it was the only way to describe how great I feel this week! I love being a missionary, and I know that God is blessing us greatly and helping us do his will!

Have the greatest of weeks!

Elder McFarland

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