Friday, March 31, 2017

Conference in General!

I cannot believe that March is over! A week and a half until changes!

Time passes too rapidly!

Saturday was a struggle. it started out with our Baptismal Date, Elsi, calling us in the morning and ask that we not continue visiting with her. Ouch. Then we had a bunch of other complications with an acitivity we were planning for 2:00. I was stressed that everything was falling apart!

And then I realized that I was worrying for nothing :) although everyone showed up about an hour late, the activty was a HUGE success and the members are PUMPED to keep working in Missionary work.

What we did was pass out water and juice to people exercising in a public park, along with an invitation to conference this week! We found several new people interested in hearing the Gospel... all 7 of them were for other areas, haha but it's the work of the Lord so it doesn't matter WHERE it happens!

Then the new week started off with a great Sunday! 

Jose and Claudia came to church!!! They looked so happy sitting there together, I think we are getting close with them. Jose got a new job that pays more and that keeps him from working on Sundays! He says he had been praying super hard for it! How can blessings be so abundant? 

Did I tell you about the Lopez family last week? They are a family that were investigating the church over a year and a half ago, that E. Maxwell mentioned, but that he had never met. But we knew what street they lived on, so we went knocking doors. We found them! They are VERY positive, and they also came to church! The Mom and one of the daughters are members, but the father and the other daughter are not yet! All five of them came to church last week! and they went to our ward's mutual last night! they are loving the church and the members are excited to help them learn and grow!

So pretty much the highlight of my week. These two families are very special and I hope God will allow me to continue to be an instrument in His hands to help them feel His love and receive His Gospel!

This week I had Auto Support Countdown, and Wednesday and Thursday were Multizones. I have so much office work that I need to finish TODAY! So that's a little stressful, but hopefully all will go smoothly! 

Tuesday our Bishop came to visit the Lopez Family with him.  He is a convert and a returned missionary, and it was great to teach with him, and His testimony really helped them to feel the Spirit and God's love!

I hope I didn't forget anything, Multizone Yesterday was cool because I got to go out to good ol sonsonate! Lot's of old memories!

I know that God lives and loves us!

Hope you all have the greatest of weeks!
Know that I love you!

elder McFarlnd

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