Friday, December 9, 2016


Hello my name is Elder McFarland

This week was SUPER SUPER busy. 

Last Saturday the Baptism went SUPER well with Paula. She had a hectic day, and when she showed up you could tell that she was SO determined not to let the adversary ruin her special day. Afterwards she was just beaming and I was happy to be a part of it. Sunday she was confirmed and then she has just been on fire so far this week! The ward is helping a lot with that.

but after last weekend I don´t have a lot to tell. Just that Monday we had to send some missionaries off to Belize so we were in the office pretty much all day, Then Tuesday was New missionary day, so another lot of no work, and then Wednesday was Changes which was a headache or two.


I had a good week!

Getting to see the new missionaries. The fire they have in their eyes just made me excited to be a missionary! to keep working hard and do fun things!

This week is going to be SO good. We have a lot of crazy things in store, but I want to tell you all more about it AFTER it happens. 

Just a quick shout out to the best FAM in the WORLD! 
And to the prettiest wedding invitations from Jessica S. 
Sorry I ran out of time talking to my fam,

But I love you all!!!!!!!

elder MCFarland

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